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Newbie Meet Opening Weight Selection?


I'm doing a push/pull meet in June - my 3rd meet, the second this year. The last meet I entered was in January. I moved my last bench and deadlift fairly easy; after each I had people asking why I stopped at those weights because my bar speed was still really good. So, I'm thinking about using my closing weights from the January meet as my opening weights for the June meet. Does this sound stupid?


Not enough info. What are your gym maxes? What did you end with in January?


My lifts from the January meet were 400 bench, 500 dead (double overhand; i like telling people that)

My maxes from my last 5/3/1 cycle (just started a new one) are:
Seated overhead press: 215 (seated because of a short ceiling)
Squat: 360 (lower than my bench because my form was horrible, so I dropped the weight)
Bench: 390
Deadlift: 470


openers should be easy. something that if you broke up with your girfriend, your dog died, and youhave the shits, you could still get. after that, it's the jumps that make the difference. I like to go for a small pr(but one I expect to get) on 2nds, then let it hang out on the 3rd....something that If the stars aligned I could get, but not a sure thing by any means.


side note....get that OHP press up...should drive your bench up