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Newbie.... Love Your Input and Advice


I have only been training hard for about a month...I use a buffered creatine but thats it...any advice would be appreciated thanks


Excellent OP. I see you have included a shoe so that we can accurately estimate your bodyfat, and a backup shoe to verify our calculations.

I see that you are lifting your foot up, I assume that is to indicate the correct area to apply the creatine? As an experienced creatine user, I would recommend saturating your socks with creatine solution rather than applying it directly to your feet. I believe this gives more stable blood levels.

Cheers, RG.


Indeed, RG.

I do find that a nice thick pair of wool socks, such that one may wear one camping, are better able to store enough creatine solution to get me through the day.

Additionally, I like to put on a hat and gloves soaked in the solution 20-30 pre-workout for about 15 minutes to create supramaximal blood levels of creatine. I repeat this post workout, but add 50g leucine or BCAA powerder to the mix as well.



Don't having hat AND gloves contribute to overtraining?


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literally lol'd so hard in class when i read this


Don't say this ^^^. You know some dumb ass is gonna follow this to a t or start a thread about it.

Anyways, everybody knows 44 grams of creatine and 66 grams of bcaa is the magic dose.


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