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Newbie Looking to Escape Dad Bod

I need advice on where to start! I’ve gone through the forum and because of my age, situation, I’m more confused than when I started researching.

A little about myself.
Never been on a cycle
I’m 40 years old
Been on TRT for 5 years (125mg weekly cypioate)
I train 5 days a week in Muay Thai and MMA
I lift weights a couple days a week, but it’s more to kill time than serious lifting.
I’m not competing, and don’t have any intention on doing so, so I’m not worried if I put on mass. I would like to maintain my cardio though because I still like sparring.

I guess my motivation is just to gain some tone, size and to be able to train harder. The dad bod is starting to kick in! Any advice would be great.

This, but can spread out over say 2 weeks…

Also you’re already doing the difficult part by turning up to Muay thai, so after a tough session just hop on a bike and do 10-20mins super light cardio and will “clear out the fat” so to speak(see pt1)…

  • Choose a good training program from the site. There are tons. The ALAS plan Badger posted is solid.

  • Choose a basic, consistent nutrition plan. I like this general approach. There are plenty of other options and specific diets, but the most effective principles are all basically the same. Dan John also has another practical and effective way to approach training/diet explained here.

  • Forget about steroids. You’re light years away from being ready for them. Stick with managing your TRT, good training, and smart eating.

[quote] I’m 40 years old
How tall are you and, generally, how fat/lean are you?