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Newbie Looking to Bulk


Anyways i'm currently 6 foot 2 and last weigh in I was 145 pounds

Im on the stronglifts routine and im looking to bulk up, the last week ive pretty much just been eating pretty much as much as possible, following the basic GOMAD premise, albeit just with a lot of whole foods (all the staple basic foods, very little junk and have probably been hitting around 3-5000 cal a day - Haven't calculated, I didnt see the point tbh.)

I just wanna know if I should carry on eating a ton like this to try and milk the routine for all its worth, then worry about the fat later, or if I should take a more conservative approach toward my diet



6'2" 145 is very very light. I don't know what your goals are, but I would not worry about fat. You said you don't eat much junk so and as long as you are training 3-4 times per week, fat won't be an issue that you can't solve in a couple weeks of cutting after you get to at least 190-200 pounds.


Well, to be honest i'm quite confused on the whole issue. I dont care about fat gain and realise that its pretty much unavoidable - provided I obviously gain mainly muscle - but I don't know what approach I should take. On the one hand you have guys like Rippetoe saying drink a gallon of milk a day and eat like 5000cals whilst citing people putting on crazy amounts of mass (something like 20 pounds a month - 1/2 fat, 1/2 muscle).

On the other hand I have articles claiming you can only gain around .5 pounds a week and to take a conservative approach

The routine im on is very similar to SS, but is a 5x5 routine



"The point" is that even your guesstimate of 3,000-5,000 calories is a huge difference, and I'd bet that you end up closer to the lower end more often than not. It's just the way it goes, it's hard to judge what you eat when you don't really pay attention.

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

Buckaroo, at 6'2" and under 150 pounds, "conservative" isn't something you need to be concerned with.

Mandatory reading for you:

Those should help to clear up any confusion about how you need, and I mean n-e-e-d, to eat for size.

How long have you been doing this? How much weight have you gained in that time? How has your strength improved on the basic lifts?

Also, I didn't see your particular goals mentioned. Why're you in the gym, anyhow? (Not said to be condescending at all. Knowing why you're lifting and what you're after can help guide the way there.)


Read everything that Professor X, MODOK, and Cephalic_Carnage have written. It'll help a lot.


what the fuck, cutting at 190-200 pounds when he is 6'2?!!??!!??

Yea, 3-5k calories is a huge range. Don't think about counting calories just eat and eat, 6X a day until your stomach feel'n uncomfortable with every meal.... Read the articles that some others suggested and you should drink a gallon of milk a day and squat.


I see what you mean about the guesstimate actually, although I could probably honestly say its been over 4k most days

like yesterday I ate (roughly anyways)

100g of oatmeal with 1 scoop of whey

2 lean burger patties on ww buns w/ lettuce, fruit

chicken breast, sweet potato and veg, fruit

2 tuna sandwiches, (2 tins of tuna, 4 slices of sprouted grain bread, salad lettuce stuff)

ground lean mince with rice and veg, more fruit

another bowl of oatmeal + whey

cottage cheese and fruit

3rd week of stronglifts - basically looking to add some size and strength to my frame, I just want to know if given my newbie status, my weight and my routine if its possible to gain more than the cited .5 pounds of muscle a week when i've heard far more higher figures being thrown around


thanks for the advice so far guys - I think aznt0rk is right - im thinking too much and should just eat and lift a ton, I guess my main question is how much muscle gain actually is possible for a skinny newbie like me on a compound routine?



I don't know. Don't think about this right now. Just do all as best as you can and then you'll see what happens... it's hard cause U probably need to be bigger fast, but U know... it's long road. Eat everything, work correctly, fuck calculations, read about everything U need, eat.