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Newbie Looking for Strength

Hi everyone, I’ve been lifting for a year and a half but it wasn’t until something like half a year ago that I started more seriously.
I’ve using a body part split focusing on hypertrophy but nowadays I dont want “all show, no go” so I’ve decided to start a strength programm but I’m not sure about which one is going to work the best. What are your thoughts or which programms could work?
My current stats are 17 years, 180lbs, 6"
Bench- 85kg
Squat- 115kg
Deadlift- 145kg


I was in a very similar position to your self around six to nine months ago too, had lifted for a while but not too seriously and wanted to gain strength predominantly, my numbers were also very similar to you too. After trying a couple of other programs for a few months I came across the much revered 5-3-1 program, I got an app which does all the calculations for you and have been following it for three full cycles now, and I love it. My numbers have shot up and I plan on staying with it until I reach my next goal.

This site has some great info on 5-3-1 so read up and crack on.

Good luck.

Thanks for replying :blush:
I thought of it a while ago but I couldnt decide which template to use. Which one have you used?

Good news.

5-3-1 is a great program to use for building all round strength.

More good news, as a newbie, strength gains are cheap. Like dirt cheap. So pick any 5-3-1 template you like the look of and, this is the most important part, stick to it.

Lift heavy, and whatever you do, don’t keep switching programs whenever you see one that looks new and shiny. All that glitters is not gold.

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I use an app called ‘Wendler Log’ just look in your app store their will be a few options. I use it for the main lifts and do my own assistance work specific to my needs.

I’ve said this before. Get rid of it.

He has never approved an app.

Someone is making money out of his work.

Maybe but anyways I think I’ll give 5/3/1 an option even without the app, but keeping a log :muscle:

I’d personally recommend 10x3 work-outs…Waterbury has done at least 1 article on training 10x3…works well for both size and strength.

I’m not familiar with the 5/3/1 but you could have the best of both worlds I have done it. Could work some percentages 70% 5x8 2 weeks 80% 5x5 2 weeks 90-95% 5x2 2 weeks for your main lifts(squat bench dead) and a day for speed work on all 3 like 3x8 at 50% and move the bar as fast as possible then keep working your hypertrophy work for your accessories. Or you could look up some Louie Simmons congugate methods for the big 3 and continue hypertrophy for add ons/ accessories.

respectfully buddy, this is terrible advice/way too advanced for a 17 yo beginner

With those number i’d do a 12 week run of one/each of these and then jump on to 5/3/1…

I recommend you read the training programs written by Boris Sheiko and download his its official app where de facto all of his programs are with different performance classes are in fact. Sheiko is governed by Russian rankings (performance classes are 9 in total) and split for under or over 80 kg weighing lifters. For example https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xmp6rSrZbCJpS9dNg8FqRQm2f7-34m2OxtsKt8346tw/edit#gid=486339143.
If you do not want to pay for it, which is alibism, you can find and free download his programs in Excel (I recommend using Excel in the future).

Do not forget that you have to eat a lot and eat well during this workout.

To understand the fundamental principles of strength training, you have to read the book “Science and Practice of Strength Training” by Zatsiorsky & Kraemer. I dare to say that this book is the equivalent of the Bible.

right on, but i would still highly recommend the percentage work

I’m late to the party but my advice - Texas method is hard but great. I’d be running it myself but I took some advice which was “If you’re over 35 or over 30 and in poor shape Texas might kill you”. The recovery is hard. But at you’re age you’ll be fine. Just eat enough and get more than 7 hours kip a night.

Currious what does your current lifting approach looks like young man?

I did chest/tris, back/biceps and legs/shoulders two times a week each workout but now I’m starting 5/3/1 BBB. Not sure if it would be better to do something to bring up my numbers and then move on

Thanks for the advice! I’ve heard a lot from Texas Method so I’ll read about it too and maybe give it a try :blush: