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Newbie Looking For Some Help Loosing Weight

hey guys. i’ve done whole weight loss thing before. i am 21 and weighed 280 all through highschool and my freshman year of college. last year, i really took the initiative with the help of some friends, and lost 80 pounds! but i have since somewhat let myself go. i am now up to 220, and my my fat stomach has come back, as well as the dreaded “man boobs”. so i was hoping with the begining of this school year that i can work myself back into shape. i have just recently started taking appetite suppressants, and they are working great. now, i just need someone to tell me what to eat and when, and what exercise i need to do to burn off fat pockets around the upper arms and legs, the pecks and the chest; and how frequently to do them. thanks guys! please help me out



Congratulations on your previous success.

For your current goals, if you stick around here long enough, you’re likely to get some conflicting advice. The important thing is to pick one strategy and stick with it until you see results. Jumping from one strategy to another MAY work, but everything in the iron game is built on steady progression, and long term success is built in many incremental developments. Keep that in mind.

I do not know your current fitness levels, but if you’re in moderate physical shape (can run three miles without dying), I would advise the following protocol for it’s simplicity and effectiveness.

Chad Waterbury’s Waterbury Summer Project

Mario DiPasquale’s The Anabolic Diet

(a few caveats about the AD. I found it best to carb-up for one day only, usually using clean carbs such as pasta with tomato sauce, oatmeal and bread. This isn’t really emphasized in the AD thread, but I found it worked best for me when cutting).

Also advised- go to the beginner forum (you’re in it now, just click on the ‘beginner’ banner at the top of the page) and read the four stickied threads at the top. A bunch of nutritional and training information, and will come in handy more than you could imagine.

Good luck, post the rest of your questions in this thread, and don’t forget to update the forum with your progress.