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Newbie Looking for Advice


Hey guys I am a "newbie" in every sense of the word. I have been going to the gym for years and in the past I had no problem losing weight but trying to get some muscle definition has been nearly impossible. I haven't been to the gym in about 8 months; the longest I have been out of the gym in 5 years and it shows! I am new to this site and have found a lot of good advice but to be honest I don't understand half the terminology used. Is there anyone out there that could help simplify things for a beginner... I could use some good advice for diet, supplements and a lifting routine. Keep in mind I am a girl, I am not looking to get to huge. A lean and defined sexy figure is more of the goal here!! I have a lot to learn and would appreciate some help getting started.


There's one of the biggest problems. Another could be diet.

Read Chad Waterbury's articles for programs to try & get in the gym!

Also, read everything by Dr. Berardi about nutrition. Diet and exercise are a great way to start.

Once you're in the gym and getting the proper nutrients, use the search feature and start learning about recovery. No reason to worry if you're not working out or not getting good nutrition.

Good luck... hope this is simple enough.


read this thread http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=645666

then do your own thread in the T-viven sorority and ask the vixens how they did, they?re all very nice.

Good luck getting in shape!


As far as not getting big goes, as a female, it will probably be rather hard to 'get huge', however, you can definitely get stronger and more toned. To see what I mean, have a look at some of the photos on: http://www.maryseturcotte.com/ She's an Olympic weightlifter, she trains constantly, and could easily lift me over her head without breaking a sweat, but she still looks hot. There's a quote I heard somewhere that fits here:

"Behind every worthwhile curve, there is a well-developed muscle"

I.e. to get a great butt, deadlift. To get great legs, squat. If you want to shed some fat, try Alwyn Cosgrove's "AfterBurn" method


Thanks for the advice! I will definetly check out all the info provided.


This is good advice. I will add that you should get your diet in order before thinking about using supplements.


Thanks, I am working on my diet and getting it all figured out. Come monday I will be on a new and healthy diet! Thanks for your advice.


Hey could someone let me know where I can get the Metabolic Drive....I didn't see it in the store. Thanks.


It's in the Store Link on this page. Just hit the Metabolic Drive Bar on the top left of the page and then scroll down...you will see it there!

Best of luck to you on your quest for fitness!!!