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Newbie Lifts For Strength


As a new lifter trying to gain a base of strength what lifts what you guys suggest I do?

What I'm doing now:
Bench Press
Chin/Pull up
One leg squats
Military Press

Should I take something out? Put something in?

By the way I divide these over 3 lifting sessions a week (4 lifts per session)



first off since you are a beginner, stick with the three main lifts and work on form and technique, preferably with someone who has experience. the other exercises are ok, except maybe to much leg stuff, like step ups and stuff, The rdl's are good for hamstrings. You have nothing for triceps (except dips) throw in some pin presses or floor presses, even board presses


If I were you I would stick to 3-5 basic core lifts until you master technique... snatches, squats, and bench are always my lifts of choice.


So what you guys are saying is that I should just pick a couple of lifts (maybe squat, deadlift, bench, snatch or something) and do those all the time, 3 days a week? Until I can do them really well.


Keep it simple and work through the planes of motion ie:

push/pull - vertical (ie.dips/chins or cleans/standing press)

push/pull - horizontal (ie. bench/row or curl/triceps press)

quads - squat (front/back/overhead/single leg)

hips - deadlift or good morning

Accessory exercises (look at any of Dave Tates toolbox segments)

Work hard, brief, and heavy with plenty of rest and good nutrition.

Be patient!




I would toss in some heavy BB curls...you'll get massive



Ian King had a great article a while back called "Top 10 Mass Makers" which listed the 10 best exercises for mass (duh). The same exercises, with heavy loads, should also build a good base of strength. You can search for it on T-Nation, or follow the link below.



thanks for all your help guys. What i'm gonna do is break up the excersise in the article above into two groups and then do each group once a week.