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Newbie Intro Plus Work Routine

Hello there.

I’ve been lurking for a bit over a year now, and I finally decided to sign up and post here. I’ve been doing resistance training for sometime now, and I’m up to around 1.8 bodyweight squat and deadlift, 1BW bench and .5BW military press. My main issue is that my bodyweight is 150 pounds, with something like 12% body fat.

So, I’ve made a new year’s resolution to put some freaking meat on my bones, and tried my hand at putting together a hypertrophy program, based mostly on the perfect workout checklist and the training for newbies articles. I’d like to know if I’ve screwed up somewhere before I devote six to eight weeks to this program.

Here’s the actual program;

I also intend to keep eating a meal every three hours and throwing back shots of olive oil if I have to, with the target of around 3000 calories per day.

So, here’s a few questions I have about my routine;

  1. Are there any glaring flaws there I’m not seeing
  2. Is the routine too complex for my level, and if yes will there be any harm in getting into the habits entailed?

I’m sorry for making my first post by bugging for a program review but I have bugger all to contribute to other threads and any simpler questions are pretty much answered in the articles.

1/1/2010: Changed DB bench press to BB bench press for Monday, Snatch grip to ordinary deadlift for Wednesday. Moved Bulgarian split squat from Monday to Wednesday instead of lunges, added Back squats to Monday.

1.BB back squats, BB conventional deadlift, BB Bench press, and OHP/Military press need to be what you focus on if you want to add some strength. But as long as you stick to whatever plan you want for a few months and progressively overload, add more weight each week to your lifts, you will grow.

  1. I wouldnt say complex as long as you remain consistent. You will get adaptation after a few months so when that happens, either change the order of your lifts or start a new program if and only if you begin to stall with the amount of weight you use.

Read the articles, check the stickies, use the search function. There’s a ton of really great stuff here.

Thanks for the feedback. I made some changes to the program.