Newbie Intro and ?'s

hi to you all, i’m Daniele, 23 y old guy.
i write form perugia, italy.
i’ve a bachelor in sport science, i’m a gym instructor and strength&conditioning wannabe coach.

it’s 5 years that i do weight training (seriously only 2)with the purpose of get some muscle (i’m not so lucky, you’ll see my pics soon), some strength and practice what i’m gonna teach to the others.

i’m here for share some info with you, and for have some help.

the 1st question is where can i open my log?

the 2nd is about internship.
i’m very intrested on training with some of the best coaches in the us/canada. i’ve had an opportunity to train with Nelson Ayotte, but he’s too busy. i’m thinking about CPol, but i think he’s too expensive for me.
i’d like to contact CT, i hope he’ll reply me.

thanks and again hi to all

Welcome to T-Nation.

Check your profile settings, “My Magnum”, for a section listed as “blog”. It will be in the row of options just over your photo.

Occasionally, you will find a person starting a new thread for logging their workout. However, we really encourage members to use the “blog” feature.

For internship information, I’d go the “Authors” section at the top of the “Testosterone” main page.
Read the articles of many of the authors, decide who you like and then check the end of the articles for any contact information.

tnx for the reply, i’ll take a look to the authors page.

i’ve just written to CT, i hope we’ll find a way to meet us.

changing subject something about me:

175cm tall

my pb
DL 140kg
squat 122kg
bench 95kg
supine pull-ups +34kg
quadra bar farmer’s walk 30"@90kg
RDL 6@105
dips 10@+30kg
front squat 3@85kg
military press 7@47,5kg

my vids

i know i’m not strong at all, but i’m trying to improve.

some pics