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Newbie in Serious Need of First Cycle Help


My stats are as follows 5’11 178lbs at 10% bf. I have been lifting for 10 years. I have been lurking on forums for years researching and playing with the idea of cycling. Next month I will 25 and for my birthday I wanted to buy myself some gear. I feel I have adequate knowledge to run a safe and effective cycle and am very excited and a little nervous. I will post my cycle hear and will welcome all comments and critiques as I only want to do what’s best for my body. My only real worry is getting bunk gear or even worse a bunk pct and messing up my hormones. I am getting pre cycle bloodwork done next week. I am receiving the gear from a friend of a friend who claims that they are all real and good to go. Before I go popping pills and injecting myself with something from a friend of a friend I would love for your guys input. I know not to even mention sources or ask but once I receive them I’d like to know things to look for or possibly post pictures of what I got( not sure if that is allowed) and see what everyone thinks. Sorry for the long winded first post I just want to be thorough and do things right.

Weeks 1-4 Dbol 50mg (25mg twice a day)
Weeks 1-10 test e 500mg (250 twice a week)
Weeks 1-10 arimidex .5mg EOD

Week 12-16 nolvadex 40/40/20/20
Possibly hcg if you guys think it will help my testes and is neccesary.

Would you change anything with my cycle?
How do I know if what I get from my friends friend is something I should put into my body?


I think that you are not going to need to do that long pct… you are not going to shut down your testes with that cycle so two weeks on nolva should be enough… also 5g arimidex is too much, 1 g will works


Sources… ugh. I don’t like to trust someone that just drops stuff off with me… it could be anything… I’m an online guy and after doing enough research(5min) I was able to find the right places and get lab tested gear for cheaper than my local source. I was also able to read reviews for the sources and gear I was interested in. It takes a couple weeks to get it to me, but I haven’t been burned yet… I’m much more at peace with what im using now… hope this helps…


You’re saying with a 10 week cycle including Test/DBol you think just 2 weeks of a SERM will suffice!? Please don’t give advice like that…

To the OP your cycle looks good, if you can get legit HCG blast it at 1000IU EOD during the 2 week “clearance phase” then begin your Nolvadex for 4-6 weeks maybe 40/20/20/20/10 taper your AI all the way through PCT.

Also your AI dose looks good.


Don’t order gear from a .com … all I can say is most legit resources use secure email addresses.


Thanks for the advice… it wasn’t a .Com it was secure with bitcoins. And it’s gtg


Thank you for your help. I will try to get some hcg and will run my nolvadex for an extra week at the low dose you recommended . How Much and how often would you recommend during pct to taper off arimidex. I considered it but was worried about dropping my e levels too low.


Just dont be naive and think that John Law isnt aware of your source. Hopefully, he is domestic and you have ordered via a safe email account. I pay $60/year for my safe email. All my packages are domestic and look like any other package sent by anyone in the US.


If you think you are giving a good advice well congratulations but your advice is a wasted of money in my opinion… after 20 years on this I know what I give as advice and this is not a heavy test cycle, your advice on PCT is for an advanced cycles and this is just a beginner cycle… and I hope this is not offend to you, just my opinión and respect that and dont make a drama…


No drama my friend. I concure it is a light cycle. However PCT is not something to skimp on. As it is common for one to not properly PCT and have further issues later on down the line. Even the most basic of basic PCTs calls for atleast 4 weeks of a SERM. Again. Just my 2 Cents… cheers


A TRT dose is enough to shut down the HPTA. If you ran that for 20 weeks or an “advanced” cycle, you are shut down the same. It all comes back to the HPTA regressing in function. He is also running .5mg’s of Adex not 5 grams


Adex is a testosterone stimulating compound and he is taking it during all the cycle…so still I think that is not necessary to take all Nolva but it’s just my opinión…


I wouldn’t define Adex as testosterone stimulating on cycle. While you are pinning, there is zero chance it will stimulate testosterone production. Your negative feedback loop regulates itself by registering high or low levels of both test and estrogen in the pituitary and hypothalamus. Once you start pinning, adex does nothing to interfere as the pinned test is past a normal physiological level.

I would agree that you want to limit how long you take nolva in the end since it reduces IGF 1 and raises SHBG from its effects on the liver. To say it is less needed because the cycle is basic or because he is running adex does not add up to me. That is also to say that if you take adex on an “advanced” cycle, you don’t need to run nolva as long


Run the testosterone for 15 weeks and piss off the D-Bol, keep it simple. Run clomiphene for 4 weeks at 50mg along with 20mg tamoxifen per day for PCT, start it 3 weeks after your last jab, not two. As for HCG run it throughout cycle, 250iu E3D would work well, just reconstitute a 5000iu amp with 2ml bac water and that means every 0.1ml on the syringe will be 250iu when you load up two, they keep in the fridge well enough. Either that or blast it in the 3 weeks leading up until PCT, it’s a lot more optimal on cycle though.


The reason for the short cycle is I didn’t want to be shut down for that long and wanted my natural test production to turn back on as soon as possible while still making good gains. That’s why I chose a 10 week cycle and the dbol was just to jump start. Given that I’m worried about the length of shut down would you still recommend that long of a cycle? Is my fear of natural test taking longer to turn back on unfounded my adding 5 more weeks of cycle?


You are overthinking it a little. Ten weeks or fifteen you will be shutdown, your HPTA will still have just as much chance of recovering either way, this is where it becomes conductive to run HCG on cycle to basically keep your testicles primed in a sense for when you start PCT. Best to just run it for 15 weeks and get more out of it in my opinion.

Length of time on cycle is only really an issue with HPTA recovery with either very frequent cycles or prolonged cycles for half a year upwards. Even then the 99% will still recover, albeit at a slower pace and maybe not fully as to where they were naturally to begin with. Steroid induced hypogonadism is only really an issue for those (like myself) who have been running heavy cycles for a few years and upwards, permanent shutdown should not be a concern for a first cycle providing you run it correctly.

As for the D-Bol if you feel you have to use it I would not run more than 30mg per day personally, providing it is correctly dosed. 20mg in the morning or an hour before training and 10mg before bed, should see you right.


If I were to run the 15 week cycle would you run clomid and nolvadex together for pct or just the nolvadex with the hcg prior in both options?


I would run clomid and nolva together regardless personally for the best possible recovery. Run the HCG on cycle with your AI and nolva and clomid 3 weeks post cycle. If you have to use the HCG post cycle also run it after your last pin and before you start PCT.

Critique and Offer Advice for My First Cycle

So nolvadex 40/40/20/20 and what for clomid 100/100/50/50? And when and how much would you do your hcg? I could extend my cycle to 12-13 weeks but nothing more due to a vacation I have already paid for and can’t be taking my gear on a plane. Also what do you think about the guy above saying to taper off arimidex during pct? I asked how he would do it but he never responded to explain how and why. Are there any negatives to running clomid nolvadex and hcg other than money the money isn’t an issue to me just my long term health?


Run tamoxifen at 20/20/20/20 and clomiphene at 50/50/50/50, no need to frontload it for a week as full peak plasma levels will be reached for both within a few days. If you are blasting the HCG after cycle and do not run it on cycle I would increase treatment to 6 weeks for both.

12-13 weeks is fine, 10 is fine, I was simply recommending 15 weeks so you could get more out of it, it’s not necessary by any means, do what you would prefer to.

Yes you need to taper off arimidex due to estrogen rebound, the drug does not eliminate E2, it only inhibits it for the duration of it’s active life which is fairly short (reason for the EoD frequency of use). It’s best to gradually lower the dose for the few weeks leading into PCT as your testosterone levels drop. Dropping the dose down by half in the second week after last pin and then changing to an E4D approach would be the best option. Some may need an AI during PCT, some may not, a blood test can determine this.

If you are asking if there is any negatives to running HCG, clomid and nolva together yes there is as HCG is supressive, it is a lot more optimal to run it on cycle. If you are asking if there is any negatives to the drugs themselves of course there is, but the benefits of using them far outweigh the negatives, and the negatives are fairly uncommon except for elevation of E2 with HCG and clomid which almost all people will get.

If your money is on long term health it’s best to not cycle at all realistically, medical professionals advise against AAS use for a reason. I don’t care what any online guru spouts; AAS are counterproductive from a health standpoint. Are they overly life threatening? No, but that does not mean that there are no implicating personal risks involved. It’s a risk vs reward type scenario, you need to be the judge of whether steroids are really for you as one cycle almost always turns into two and so on.