Newbie in need of guidance

Greetings All,

I’m looking for some guidance. I’m somewhat familiar with strength training but need some help in respect of where to start. I know that you should train from weakest area to strongest. But my situation is I’m weak all over! I need to build TOTAL body strength. I’m looking for a program that I could build a muscle “foundation” in order to move on to more intermediate routines then advanced. I want to train with free weights and I want to use mostly compound movements. My goals are to be able to do pull-ups, dips, push-ups and to increase overall strength and to put on some muscle and reduce fat. I’ve started a karate class about 3 months ago and I believe it gives me all the cardio I need and I really enjoy it but I want to weight train now (granted slowly but surely) Now I’m not asking for a personally designed routine , however could you give me some general feed back and point me in the direction of good, respectable reading on the subject be it website or books? Any advice is greatly appreciated.



Yes, start looking at the past issues on this site. You will find everything needed.

Is gonna smack some of these newbies yet. First, welcome to the forum…second, please use the search engine first before posting. There have been several great articles on weight training for beginners…perhaps search under “beginner” Also you may want to check out the Super Strength" articles second…gaining is 3 parts…working out, rest…and YOUR DIET STUPID!! Search for the Diet Manifesto, then Massive Eating. (You will understand better the ITS YOUR DIET STUPID line then. If you don’t look at all 3 aspects…your gonna go nowhere. After you did your homework…feel free to post and all of us will be more than happy to help!!

For all the info you need check out the faq. It will show you everything from diet to training to killing a person. Wait a second, scratch the last one.

Dane, use the T-Mag Search Engine to find The Beginner’s Blast Off Program. It’s from the Dawg School column in T-Mag issue #130.