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Newbie IGF-1 Question


Hey folks, 1st post, I read up as much as i could for the past 2 days here and I decided to join and ask.

First off fantastic site and community, tons of info, have to remind you lads how helpful you lot are to us new folk, so thanks !

My question is simple, Im 5'7, 68kg, small yep i know, been training for 3 years, im ripped and in good health but i want to pack on some size, I dont want to get huge, I just want to be a nice stocky size for my height, and im only gonna do one course.

From what ive read here, ive pretty much ruled out Dbol and tren, 2 of my 4 choices.

So Im left with opting for Test, or IGF-1, i know test is less hassle but i love what ive read about IGF.

Any help would be appreciated guys.

regards, Paul.


i would stick with test. definitily more bang for your buck from what i have seen.


Why have you ruled out Dbol and tren?


I have ruled them out because of water retention issues.
Dbol would couse me to get huge but from what ive read and witnessed because im only doin one course and leaving it at that, i would only keep a small percentage, plus i can only attain dbol in oral form so i dont even know if my liver can handle it considering im irish and guzzel alchohol 3 days a week since i was 16...

i liked the fact that IGF is natural occuring and has pratically no sides..
What i like about test is one or two injections a week is enough


one cycle and thats it? where is the fun in that lol. You could always stack the 2 if you can't decide


You aren't fit for this game


Agreed, read this and stopped reading completely.