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Newbie, How Can I Increase My Appetite?


I am new to this site and have been browsing it for a while. A lot of good stuff here. My question is, Is there anything that increases your appetite. I am up to 3,000 calories a day, but find it challenging to get in anymore. I'm trying to gain weight and have gone from 125lbs to 140lbs in the past six weeks. I try to eat healthy and don't want to eat junk if I don't have to.





I agree with Prof X. It takes time. Make small changes at a time. I will add, however, that there are some people who experience increase in appetite from a good strong vitamin B complex. There are those who will go so far as to inject it.


I agree with the others, but, it's not really that hard. On top of whatever your currently eating, try adding some calorie dense foods. Example - Oats, 300 cals for a cup, peanut butter, something like 100 cals per tablespoon, WHOLE eggs, WHOLE milk, adding olive oil to foods etc. You can EASILY add 500-1000 cals without even thinking about it.


I love people who say shit like this. You are not the original poster so you don't know the exact situation he is in. For some of us it is NOT easy to add calories, it can actually be a huge pain in the ass leaving you feeling stuffed and bloated all damn day. It does get better after time, it just takes alot of time.

Liquid calories though maybe not the worlds healthiest food choice arent going to kill you and make things alot easier. I have a hell of a time gaining weight unless I'm consuming 2-3 600 calorie shakes a day, and i still feel like ass 50% of the time.


Jeez, relax man, just giving an opinion\idea. Maybe if you lightened up and destressed a little, you'd stop burning so many calories, and actually be able to put a little mass on, LOL.

Seriously, no offense meant, but I really HATE people who say they have a tough time gaining weight, hehe.


I hate when people weigh 145lbs and have only been working out for 2 years (probably considerably under 2 since we all are stupid in the beginning and DONT know what works right for our bodies) complain that its tough to gain weight.

As for the original poster you have to have carbs in there such as sweet potatoes, oatmeal, grits etc. This will add calories. Its IMPOSSIBLE to bulk without carbs. So if you're trying to do it by keeping carbs low you wont get very far. I hope you have red meat in your diet also. Thats a calorie bomb and is a great food to add to a bulk diet and a maintenace diet or any diet for that matter.

Also, the harder you workout the more food your body will want. make sure your intensity levels are up there workout wise. Like X said it takes time. I know that I get bored of food and it becomes difficult but in the end I know if I'm not eating I'm not growing.

There WILL be days you will fail to meet your requirements because of boredom and the pain in the ass it is to make a certain calorie level thats the best time to throw in a "cheat" meal. Get a pizza or stop at a fast food joint. Your body will thank you.


Sorry if I came off the wrong way... but being cursed with very low appitite and a stomach the size of a walnut I really feel this guys pain.

Also I shouldnt of said its difficult for me to gain weight, just difficult for me to eat enough to gain weight. I have actually been gaining weight at decent pace for awhile now, thanks to carb/protien shakes several times a day.

Prolab lean mass matrix is an MRP I would look into if your having trouble taking in enough calories. Also peanut butter + Metabolic Drive + olive oil would give you a decent amount of calories and shouldnt make you overly full


seriously. carbophobia is running rampant these days.

funny. do you often skip your last lifting set because of "being cursed" with very low ATP levels and a tiny muscles? or do you just tough it out?

good to hear. every supposed hardgainer should rely on their blender if there is difficulty meeting caloric requirements.




chew gum. your body is like "wtf? I'm chewing, but nothing is going in my stomach!"


Rotlex, I am on your side with this one. I used to think that I was eating big and then I realised that I was only getting around 4,000 kcal a day. I have got that up to 5,000 by doing little things like a tablespoon of natural whole egg mayonnaise on my vegies, a scoop of peanut butter, half a handfull of jerky, a tablespoon of fish oil.

Even a damn cheeseburger every now and then instead of a turkey sandwhich. (I only started doing this to get rid of the nightmares I was having about prof x eating me for his PWO meal).

Getting your calories up a bit does not mean having to eat a whole extra meal. There are plenty of calorie dense foods that wont make you feel bloated. They usually taste pretty damn good too.


Whether or not you are hungry, your stomach is generally emtpy in the morning, so fill it up. Eat a big meal when you wake up.

Break the rules and drink sweetened drinks -- when your blood sugar drops, you should feel hungry.

You may try eating salty food, like pretzels, with a protein shake, as they will make you thirsty, and the salt may keep you eating and drinking longer.

Make sure what you are eating is actually appealing and tasty!

Don't wear a sweater and turn the heat down. When you are "cool" your body makes you hungrier.

If your stomach is the size of a walnut, shove a damned turkey down there a couple of times... it will eventually get used to holding more than a thimble full of food.

Tips above, such as drinking high carb conconctions are good too, as they absorb fairly quickly... leaving room for more food.

Ultimately, man up, and eat!


Eat right before you go to bed, Metabolic Drive or cottage cheese, preferably. People say to avoid carbs at night, but in your case, it may be beneficial.

Also, if you're drinking shakes throughout the day, make sure its got carbs in it. Then, add PB or olive oil to it.

You dont really have to worry about eating clean at this point, if you can get more calories in clean, good, if you cant, dirty eating can be your friend.

Read about how JB gained his weight... he says "If I'm not eating, I'm not getting bigger" or something to that extent. Its true. He said everymorning he would buy half a dozen cinnamon raisen bagels, put natty PB on it, and then take a gallon jug of water, and put 5 protein shake scoops in that. He'd eat these between "meals."

I suggest giving something this a try. Doesnt necessarily have to be this, but carry a shake and a big bag of walnuts around. Shit, eat a walnut every 5 minutes between meals and by the end of the day it'll be a fuckload more calories.

I understand you say its your appetite more than not knowing how to add calories, but I suggest adding right before bed.


Without reading anyone else here, have a bong hit. I hear some of the old timers used to use a little.


Thanx for the advice. Like I said when I first posted, a lot of good stuff here on this site. I eat heavy before bed an I notice I'm hungrier in the morning. The tips about calorie dense food is great. A lot more calories and you don't relly notice.

I know that I can eat some junk food but I always feel like crap when I do. I eat a lot of eggs,chicken meats potatoes rice and breads and 2-3 weightgainer shakes a day. The bong hit idea is nice but I'm a recovering addict so it's out of the question. Thanks again for the input.


Natural peanut butter..down 10 Tbsp of the stuff and you get yourself an extra 1000 or so calories of "yummyness"


I know breakfast is one of the meals of the day where most people could add some calories -- I'm one of them. I usually have something small like a bowl of cereal or a couple pieces of toast with peanut butter, but I always see these meal plans like "eat five eggs and five slices of bread" for breakfast.

Anyone else have the problem of having a tiny stomache JUST at breakfast? I don't seem to have a problem eating big during the rest of the day...


Rice and chicken can be substituted for beef mince and pasta, make bollognaise but use pasta, loads of it. Drink whole milk and get up in the night and drink whole milk and tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Eat greek style yoghurt if you can find it instead of stuff like cottage cheese, much higher calorie.

Don't resort to eating crisps (chips) and stuff to gain weight, but do incorporate vege's, fruit and drink plenty of water. Taking 10 fish oil caps per day can easily add about 180 calories of decent fats too.

Try and pack the earlier meals together more, if you have oatmeal and eggs and fruit at breakfast, about an hour later have a banana, some nuts and greek yoghurt and drink your coffee milky.


Try to eat as soon as you wake up and right before going to sleep if you are trying to gain weight. I used to think I ate a ton because I could go through a large pizza with no sweat, but only having two meals a day makes it impossible to get in all the calories you need.

I pretty much roll out of bed and eat two servings of oatmeal and whatever add-ons I put in/on it. That helps me get at least 500+ calories right off the bat. Then, before I go to sleep I try to chow down some nuts and get in another 400-500 calories right before bedtime. That equates to about 1000 calories I wouldn't normally eat and has been a big difference for me beign able to gain muscle.