Newbie-HGH/Test 400 Cycle

I’m new to this site, just joined yesterday. I have been reading a few threads the last few days & have seen a lot of good insight & tips on feedback listings. I have always been athetic but never have been in a gym until 2009.

Started out at 185lbs & rose to 245lbs the following year. Put on bit of mass but also alot of fat, large bulk diet & no education. Dabled in some test but only 400-800 mgs a week. Slacked off the last two years & was inconsistant in everything I was doing but still ran 8-12 weeks on Test with regular 6 week pc.

Looking too get serious again & right now ideally I want to build muscle & cut fat but I don’t know if that is realistic. So, I want to get lean, maintain muscle obviously, & if I can build any new muscle, it would just be a bonus.

Age: 30
Weight: 212lbs
Height: 5’11"

Never done or have had the nessecity to try GH before, I have been reading a few different threads on it. I know you have to run it for atleast 6 months, I plan a year. Do you ever have to come off of it? I have read its good to keep your “body guessing” with GH & I think this might be a good cycle to do that, I could be wrong but here it is:

4IU/D weeks 1-4 then after seeing how my body reacts, 6-8IUs 5 days/week for weeks 5-8. 8IUs E3D for weeks 8-12 and keep repeating?

Was planning on running Test 400-600mgs/week for weeks 1-12, should I add some Tren in with it at half the dosage of test?

Also, is a keto diet best suited for my goals or something that allows me to carb up on the weekends?

Thanks in advance to any constructive critism!