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Newbie Here


Hello everyone, fist off Id like to say this is a awsome website I happen to stumble across, sounds like great advice on many topics from what I've read. With that said I'd like to start off by saying that I've been weight lifting on and off for the past few years, Now I'm getting serious about my physical health.

Im 27 yr male/ 181 lbs/LBM 140/body fat 41 lbs(23%). For the last 4 weeks I was averaging 2600-2800 caleries (6 meals) (45%/50%/5%) P/C/F. I was hitting the weights hard and intensley and noticed strength gains in a short time, which felt awsome, Especially in my arms and chest. I also noticed my body fat rising. Ive been caring this fat for about three yrs and I'm tired of it.
My current work out:


usually 3X8 (heavy weight)

Thats the sched I try to follow.
I recently purchased HOT-ROX and began to use it. Now my questions are,

1) How much caleries do I need to eat while Im on HOT-ROX if I want to shred the fat??

2)Should I do more reps with less weight to speed up the fat lose???

3)Whats the optimum protien/carbs%'s to shred the fat.

4) Should I cut up then bulk up. From what Ive read anytime you have 20%+ bodyfat cutting then bulking is better??

My Ideal fat% would be 8%. I was at a police academy 2 yrs ago and I left there @162 lbs and a very low bodyfat%, but that was with extreme cardio/running and no weight training.


Newbie at spelling maybe?

I do know that more than 5% of your daily calories should come from fat. Probably closer to 25. Maybe search on this site for Massive Eating by John Berardi .


Most people use BWx13 to find maintainence calorie level, but it can sometimes be off. Try using BWx13 and work with it for a bit. If you aren't losing any weight, lower the cals. If you are losing weight but losing way to much strength or LBM, increase the calories. Get your body fat tested offen to make sure you aren't losing muscle(or too much of it).

No! Lift even heavier than you are now. Some people lower the volume. Some people just lower the rest intervals. You have to GIVE your body a reason to hang onto that muscle.

Try to get as much protein in as possible while keeping the calories under maintainence. Most people will tell you to consume more protein than you did before. No need to worry about exact numbers, just as long as it's more than before.

Carbs are a touchy subject for me. Some people cut them out completely, some people just keep them to a minimum. My suggestion is keep them to a minimum, like during workouts and PWO only. You really have to play around with those.

What are your goals? It's actually alot better to bulk up while already fat. One goal at a time, try not to plan that far ahead.


Yeah i know, spelling is my week point.

I find it hard to consume more then 5 %, I guess it could be that I purchase alot of F/F foods, I guess reduced fat is a better way to go in conj. w/the good fats?

I was consuming 500-550 caleries per meal when I tried to bulk up. I have since dropped that to 320-350 per meal while on HOT-ROX, but I find my self very hungry about 1 hr after each meal. While on HOT-ROX I'm aiming for 2100 caleries a day. I aint to sure if thats the right amount??


Thank kennedy 13 for the help.

I was taking EAS Phosphagen HP but I think this might work against the HOT-ROX what do you think??? I stopped taking it yesterday.


Do you mean my lean body mass or over all weight X13??


Usually reduced fat and fat free foods are associated with increased sugar or flour in the product. Snackwells, Healthy Choice, just about anything that comes in a box is really not good for you.

On the other hand, I buy alot of fat free dairy products, because I usually split my carbs from my fats regarding meals. Carbs and protein in the morning, and usually around 2-4 pm I start eating fats and proteins with little or no carbs. (This doesn't apply if I work out at night however. I'm not worried about some carbs after a night workout.)

Here's some fats that I like to buy.

Fish Oil capsules
grass fed beef
Lean ground turkey (which is still 40% fat)

I think a good rule of thumb is if its man made in a box don't eat it (like the high sugar and flour products that I mentioned above.) If its packaged but natural (fat free cheese, yogurt, 100% oats, for example) it has a better chance of being 'healthy', which is a term that can be just as subjective as religion.


You need a leg day. Squats and RDL, 3x6-8 each, plus some abs and hypers, maybe calves for 2x10 - I think it would be ok for now.

You may think that doing HITT with your legs (sprinting, biking etc.) is enough, but for balanced physique and whole body strenght, you need to lift heavy with legs too.

If you're not familiar with free weight Squats and RDL (Romanian Deadlift), then you could use Leg Press and Leg Curl as "main" exercises, and after you do them, practice Squats and RDLs for lots of sets with light weight.


Yeah, Im doing my AB workout on HITT days and Im just lazy when it comes to working out my legs (weight training). But im starting today for sure! Do you think I should discont. use of Phos. HP creatine prior /post work out. Ive been on it for a 3 months and I noticed a good strength/size gain. I also take casein protien prior to going to bed. Would these work against HOT-ROX and shredding fat. My goal is to shred then bulk.


I want to echo the leg day notion strongly. Leaving that out of the equation and you have a very incomplete puzzle.


You're not doing any back work either. Seriously, you would be better off following one of the many routines from this web site while you catch up and learn how to properly design your own routine.

If you've been lifting this way for years, then by now you may have some serious muscle imbalances to correct. You should be able to get some advice on how to go about that by searching this site.

Good luck.


You need to work on your legs, definitely. Why would you want to get ripped and shredded first and then bulk up? Shouldn't it be the other way around?
Bulk up first then get shredded


I wouldn't eat a man even if he wasn't made in a box!


haha Good point. I shouldn't have been so specific...