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Newbie Here


Hi I'm new here and I was browsing around the net trying to do some info on roids and came across this. I really like this forum especially when I read about SDI labs. I've been reading so many ads for SDI labs and was interested in maybe trying it, T-Nation just help me saved alot of money and the TestoDerm patch In was almost caught too. I still need to do more research, steroids is more than I thought people think if you take steroids you get big. Just like that, how ignorant, great forum!!!!!!!!!!


This guy has to be a cop hence no replies to his thread.....


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an introduction.


yes just an introduction, wow is everyone here suspicious of everyone else? Geez


not unless they're paranoid or using reverse psychology?


I'd put my money on him being a cop.


He's definitely a cop now!!!!! :-o


i think that he is new on the site and with time and research he will learn.


You would definitely lose worse than the Lakers did to Detroit last year.


Is that Freud's theory or yours?


Yup, correct.


Ha ha ha