Newbie here

Hey all,I am new to T-mag, and i wanted to know a good routine. I am 18, 231lbs, and i want to gain power.

read the FAQ.

Hey BigWall. Cheackout F.A.Q. Tons of stuff in there.

And welcome!

First: Do you really mean power? Or are you talking about strength? If it is power you’re talking about which is more important for your sport the strength or the speed component of the power?

I’m not trying to give you a hard time but often what newbies ask for and what they want are two different things.

If I were you I would check out this week’s and last week’s online mags and read up on Shug’s Big Fat Training Program Guide Part 1! and Shugs Big Fat Training Program Guide Part 2! Since both of those should answer your questions quite nicely.


good post stu.

If you want strength, Westside or powerlifting protocols.

Don’t know how you would define power, so I can’t fathom a guess.

If you want mass, there are TONS of articles on here. Look them up and ask about them specificially.

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So I'd recommend getting some sugar. Or you could check out Sturat's recommendation. - - - flee

Thanks guys for your advice, I found a good program in Shug’s Big Fat Training Program . but i dont know what you mean J when u said “Westside or powerlifting protocols”. And just to let you guys know i am more interested in Strength (sorry for being too vague)

What’s Up Big Wall, welcome.

Float around on T-mag (mag and forums) a while and read up–you’ll get familiar with much of the jargon used here.

Westside is a strength program. There are other people on here who do olympic lifting, which is strength. Look up some of CT’s articles on oly lifts.

There are also strongman/woman people on here if you’re interested in that.

Type “westside” into the search engine and you’ll get all you could want to know.