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Newbie Here


I have been lifting for over 20 years,have always loved the heavy weights. Started training in powerlifting about a year ago. I just completed my third competition. Currently I am only training in Bench Press as I decided it was better to do one lift at a time. I am going to start training in deadlift this month. I benched 181 lbs in my last competition.

I am 46 and weigh 236 lbs at 5'3' tall. Wow can't believe I admitted to that! I love this sport but am a little embarrased at how big I am getting. I keep telling myself that its my large frame. My arms measure 16.4 inches flexed so I know I am putting on some big muscle. Interestingly I am a world record holder in raw worlds because I am the only one in the world in my division.


You rock.

I am 45 and compete. But I'm the opposite end of the spectrum. 5'4" and 110 lb. I often win because I'm the only one in my age/weight class too! You must be quite the mesomorph to build muscle so easily.

I log in the over 35 forum.


Welcome zadruga! I'm exactly your age, but way weaker.

As for your size, are you feeling comfortable and healthy at your present weight? If so, there is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. There is a purpose to the size, obviously, because your bench is crazy strong!


Welcome Zadruga! And a big 'Hell Yeah!' for being a record holder! That's something to be quite proud of. Heck, just competing is something to be quite proud of.

Looking forward to following along :slightly_smiling:



am also a newbie to the Velocity Diet and lifting.. but trying my best.. fell off the wagon my aim is to become fit and lean.. but i have a few concerns, ladies please help me out..thanks:
1. Am planning on doing V-Diet for 8 days because after that there is a celebration in family? I'll take abreak of say approx 5 days and then do V again... How much weight can i exepct to lose in 8 days.. assuming i would not be training in between 3 days or would just do the circuit at home since gym is closed?
2. Will i lose weight from my bust (am already very flat-chested.. thus the ocncern)?

Thank.. will really appreciate a reply..



She's not coming back.


wish she would.