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Newbie Here, Taking Androgel PSA Question

Long story short…55 year old male, started Androgel in July of this year
Testosterone level before Androgel was 261 and free T 3.6…latest reading (3 pumps daily) is 497 total and 10.0 free…feel fantastic!
Fast forward to last week, had my PSA tested and it usually is 1.1 to 1.2 range, and, to my surprise, was 3.2…doc wants me to have a biopsy in a week just to make sure it’s not the C word. I know that my prostate is slightly enlarged as this has been the case in the past. Worried more that I’ll have to stop the Androgel which has helped me immensely!
Thoughts? Do you think I’ll be able to continue with Androgel if all tests come back negative? Is continuing Androgel with such a jump in PSA safe and/or worth it? Thanks!!

It could just end up being an infection which most of us get once in our life, PSA scores will also increase after lots of sex.

And doc also told me to stop Androgel immediately which also has me worried about withdrawal effects going cold turkey