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Newbie Here As Well


Hey all,

Decided to jump right in. A couple of years ago,I weighed 155 lbs dripping wet and was practically skin and bones. Then I got into the gym and started benching/lifting and eating 3600 cals a day of lean proteins/good carbs/shakes etc. For Christmas and birthdays I asked everyone to buy me grocery store gift cards..lol.

Now I weigh around 180 and change. I know that I am still a lightweight compared to most of you guys, but I really feel good about myself and my physique. This was a hard won battle. I am still striving towards my goal weight of 195 and generally still eat about 3500 cals a day. If I gain a couple of ounces every week, I am encouraged.

I enjoy reading all your posts and want to encourage slim guys that if I can do it, I believe anybody can.