Newbie Here. Advice with Plan?

hello my name is mando and im glad i joined this forum to better educate myself and learn and absorb as much as i 38 yrs old 6foot2 very lean except for a beer belly but thats another story. .im going to finally start on my dream program but everything has to be perfect.

the diet im gonna be using is the 2gr protein per pd of bodyweight and 4gr carb per pd of bodyweight divided by 5 meals a day and a halfway through the night whey protein is gonna be as clean as possible.homemade from scratch.

meals 1 through 5 are-
84 grams of protein
168 grams of carbs
1 serving of mixed vegetables or salad
1 glass of skim milk
1 or 2 glasses of water
1 serving of whey protein in the middle of the night.

what do you guys think of the macrobolic diet?

my workout is gonna be as follows.
bench press,incline,dumbbells 3x6-8
bench press,incline,barbells 3x6-8
pushups 50

lying tricep ext.,incline 3x6-8

seated rear military press 3x6-8
seated front military press 3x6-8
upright rows 3x6-8
seated overhead press 3x6-8

bicep curl 18x6-8

what weight according to my 1 rep max should i be doing?what percentage?im thinking 60 percent?

im going for a vo2max to see my lactic threshold.bloodwork to compare my body before and after,which by the way if someone knows what i should be asking for in the blood work,and dexa to see my exact fat measurement.the supplements im going to be using are quite simple.

celltech creatine and nitro tech hardcore whey protein for when i use it in the middle of the night to keep nutrients in me at all time.what do you think of the whole waking up in the middle of the night thing and also my choice of also gonna be doing the whole priming thing.what program do you suggest for that(diet and workout and for how long)any thoughts on my diet and workout mentioned above?

what supplements should i be taking during the priming period and once i actually start my workout which is described above.also what supplements should i take for pct after i finish,not drugs but supplements only.lll get to the drug pct part not gonna go the anabolics route this time cause its just too much of a headache.

i was on deca and test before administered topically as a cream and the results were great but i lost everything real quick got a case of gyno,which im not too worried about cause im gonna have surgery after all this to remove it,a lump on my back,also not worried,surgery route, no pct and the doctor i got it from got busted.i also dont have any connects right now,too much work trying to get them, i dont trust u.g. labs and even if i did go that route i would wanna test it a a lab and i have no means to do that.

if anything im gonna go the peptide route.hexarelin to be exact.but thats another story.also how often should i shock the body with rest/pause, slow-mo reps, supersets drop sets etc and are they really beneficial?any answers thoughts comments would be greatly appreciated.if no one can help me can you refer me to someone who can?

so basically im asking
adjustements to the programs-priming diet and workout i have mentioned-actual diet and workout i have mentioned-pct diet,supplements and drugs i have mentioned

-bloodwork(what to ask for)
-diet (pre during and post? priming)if any
-diet (pre during and post cycle)if any
-workout(pre? during and post? priming)if any
-workout(pre? during and post? cycle)if any
-pct (supplements and drugs)if any

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bodybuilding for most people is not this complicated. I doubt it’s even this complicated for national level competitors.

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Not exactly sure where you are getting your protein and carbs from. Just from shakes and supplements? If so, try to incorporate real foods into the mix. Supplements are great, but they are supplements - not replacements. As far the the 2:1 ratio of protein and carbs - it should be fine. You may adjust it as you need to.

As far as your workout goes - you don’t have a single leg exercise in there. What’s the deal? Reps and sets should be fine, but again, you’ll probably change them as you progress. Stick to heavier weights. Maybe think about trying 5/3/1 or Westside.

All in all, you’ll be fine. Don’t over think it. KISS - Keep it simple, stupid.

Good luck!

tpreuss,wassup bro thanks for the i said all my meals are clean food,chicken beef rice etc.homemade from scratch nothing not just using shakes.i got 1 shake going on in the middle of the night to keep the nutrients in far as my legs they are extremely big and strong compared to my upper body,soccer for years,so im not really too focused on that for now.question,whats 5/3/1 and westside.once again thanks for the response.froivian,you cant sit there and tell me you didnt get abused in school as a kid

Alright, well. Even if your legs are already strong, you might want to include them in some training, just to ramp up your body. Deadlifts and squats are still two of the most important exercises you can do.

5/3/1 is a training method by Jim Wendler. Essentially you take percentages of your 1RM for dead, squat, bench, and military press and work throughout a month of specific set/rep schemes. At the end of the month you up the weight and repeat. The method works because it’s based on big movements along with a handful of assistance exercises for each one. It’s simple once you understand it, but it’s still too much to write out here. The book is available at

Westside isn’t a black & white plan. It’s more so a system of progressive training that, like 5/3/1, focuses on big multi joint movements along with assistance exercises to bring up your weak spots. There are books out there by Louis Simmons about his specific training ideas.

Both of these programs are proven effective, not only for beginners but also for elite level lifters. If your goal is to get bigger and stronger, stick to what has been proven to work. 5/3/1 and Westside are two of the most common, but there are certainly others. They’re simple, but tough.

Hope this helps.

i really appreciate your help and efforts bro,thanks again,i will incorporate those into my workouts,anythoughts on priming?

more info about the 5,3,1 method in this article if you are interrested to know more about it, but recommend you get the book. Its filled with great training info + its a good read, very entertaining.

I didnt find a article that laid out the entire westside/conjugate method, but its not a beginner routine as far as I know so a program like 5,3,1, would probably be better for you if you are a beginner.

ps. Is still a beginner and are currently running 5,3,1 and I am making progress on it, so it might be good for you too.

Just pick a program off this website and work the hell out of it for six months. Update us on progress. Rinse and repeat.

The 5/3/1 is a great suggestion.

[quote]TPreuss wrote:
Alright, well. Even if your legs are already strong, you might want to include them in some training, just to ramp up your body. Deadlifts and squats are still two of the most important exercises you can do.[/quote]

X2 here. Deadlifts and Squats will make you strong overall. Their benefits are more than just hitting the legs.

If you’re a newb like me, I recommend to stick to something way more basic, training and nutrition wise. There was recently an article called the Hierarchy of Nutrition or something like that. As for training, I’ve never trained with 5/3/1 but many experienced members in this forum have recommended it. As you put in more time under a bar you can start making adjustments.

Also, what’s your goal? Be a bodybuilder? Powerlifter? Just look strong?

Very lean except for a beer belly? Lol.

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Didn’t read anything after the workout and diet. Diet advice is to add meat, Less whey. And you have no carbs unless I missed something, or fats for that matter. Program advice is to use search function.