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Newbie, Help


I am 49 years old. 5ft 10inch / 150lbs
In great shape but quite underweight and have been most of my life.
I work out regularly and have started a complete overhaul of my diet.

I recently acquired the following and would like some advice on a first cycle:

All AlphaPharma products

Danatab Dbol - 110 pills@10mg each
Induject - 12 ampules @250mg each
Nandrobolin (is this Deca)? - 11 ampules @250mg each

PCT - Organon Oss brand?
Pregnyl (Hcg) - 5 ampules @5000i.u. powder
.9 percent Sodium Chloride - 6 ampules @ 1ml each

Because of where I reside (the country) I am unable to acquire much of any other supplements and or PCT aids (though I may be able to get some other PCT if absolutely necessary prescribed by my doctor)

What I am striving for is some muscle mass and weight gain
Whats a good cycle plan for me including PCT?


More food is your answer.

Not steroids.

Get on a good quality weight training program and eat at least 3000 calories/day, including at least 200g protein, for a whole year.