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Newbie Help Please

Im considering starting a cycle of haladrol-50 and using nolva for my pct. I admit I have very little experience with steroids but I want to use them correctly. So when I asked a question on another forum this is one of the replies I got...

What do you do if your balls stay shrunk? What do you do if you breasts start to grow? What do you do if you start to get heart problems? On-cycle diet? How do you eat will on pct to hold gains? How do you workout while on-cycle? Sleep patterns? How do you control your blood pressure when it goes up? Want me to keep going?

Well it raised alot of doubts for me as to wether I should even be messing with this stuff but I really want to get big and I intend to go about this stuff correctly with all your help. So can anyone answer any of these questions for me?

first off, I have no clue what halodrol is so enlighten me.

secondly, you can find all the info you need by browsing the steroid newbie thread. It was put together precisely for people like you.

Once your basic understanding of AAS use has improved, ask for some feedback.

hey p22 whats up? Halodrol is a discontinued designer steroid / marketed “supplement” that is basically oral turinabol. Anyways to the OP, how old are you? you sound young. How long have you been training? Stats? more info please.

So how much should I be worried about side effects?

answer my questions first than maybe myself and the others can help you better :wink: