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Newbie. Help on 6 Week Cycle

First of My stats 5'8" 183lbs about 17% body fat. Diet is pretty good and training are pretty much in ck. Just lost about 37lbsin 4 months was weighing an unhealthy 220lbs. Had stopped working out for a while but back at hard. I have done a cycle before about 10 yrs ago so things change and different needs now. I need want to build a short 6 week cycle to get me lean. No looking to bulk up just get leaner. This was my cycle thoughts

Test e with Tren just not sure about how to run it and how much. Thanks in advanced


Sorry to be so blunt, but you have no idea about AAS and are in terrible shape to even consider them anyway. Keep up the good work without AAS for now and build a better platform for yourself naturally. It'd be a disaster if you cycled now


Its cool. I rather know now than later. Ill just work harder till I lower my body fat. I was 33% before to me its an accomplishment where I am now. Thanks for the input