Newbie Getting on Track

I’m relatively new to weight proper training, as I had no idea what I was doing for about a year or so. Try not to make me feel like too much of a loser, if you could. I used to be ridiculously overweight, about 30% body fat.

Although I don’t have access to an accurate measuring device, the one at my “gym” (the place is a bit useless) says I’m 9.5% but I know that’s way too low, I’m guessing I’m at 16% or so. On a side note, please forgive the farmer’s tan, I just had a track meet and I live in the tropics (the Philippines).

I’m 18, 5’9, 155 pounds.

Good job on the fat loss.

Where are the before pics? The reason I ask is becuase normally people who were ‘ridiculously overweight’ would have extra flabby skin at the waist, but it looks like you don’t. You look like someone who was always skinny, but it might be the angle.

Speaking of angles, you may want to take some better photos. Why the hell does everyone have to stand sideways and take shitty pictures these days? Damn myspace!

Thanks, and here’s another photo, and I do have a bit of flabby skin, I suppose it’s the angle. Also, I was trying to be sexy with my sidewards pose (a joke), I’m just not used to the whole posing thing I suppose.

I found a couple of older pictures of myself in my fatter stages,
This particular one was of me with a broken collar bone