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Newbie from Malaysia


Hi everyone. Im a skinny fat ectomorph. I was skinny (50 KG) without belly fat before i started bulking. Im currently 61 KG now with big bloated belly fat. I did have supper all the time when i just started bulking. does eating supper make someone has belly fat? I really need some guides and advice on how to cut the belly fat and not losing muscles mass at the same time. p/s i still want to bulk and get bigger.


How tall & old are you? you were 110lbs :S and now your 134lbs and you have a 'big bloated belly'?!


What's your training program like?

And what do you typically eat in a day?

Where in Malaysia are you?


im doing compound workouts (deadlift, benchpress, squats etc) now and some isolation workouts.
i eat rice, bread, flour based food such as noodles. these are foods malaysian usually eat.
im in Sabah, East Malaysia.


Stop trying to reinvent the wheel.
Never use the word nor the lies about bulking.
We just had a great poster here who was forced to hire a coach and invest 18 months to cut to drop over 60 pounds because he felt in the bulk trap. Many gain 20, 30, 40 pounds without problem because they train and gain real muscles.

You might search in previous articles and i forgot who wrote a great 1 on that subject about over eating does not create muscles magicaly.
Ask for a magic solution to correct your present situation to those who sold you the bulk miracle.
All the best !
PS. It might be Christian Thibaudeau who wrote the article i have in mind.