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Newbie ?? From a Long Time Lifter

I have been lifting for the better part of the last 10 yrs. The last three years solid up until this past May. I have always had a gym membership but because of where I live now there is no gym with in about 70 miles so I broke down and bought a Solo flex with leg attachment($35 of ebay) and have some dumbbells (about 110 lbs of plates) I was up to about 340lb for 7 reps for bench, 120lb 10 x 3 for curls and about 500 for 8 x 3 for shrugs with VERY strict form to give you an idea of the shape I WAS in.
Can you look over my routine to see if I am missing anything I can do with what I have??

Pulldown, bent over row, reverse grip pull down, one arm dumbbell rows (or rows with leg attachment), dips, tri push downs, kickbacks

Flat bench, flys, incline bench, curls, alternate curls, concentration curls

Squats, leg curls, dumbbell up right rows, shrugs, shoulder press and 21?s for delts

Reverse shrugs, behind the neck shoulder press, reverse grip curls, close grip bench, deadlift, leg extensions

These are all for 4 sets going 12,10,8,8.
Normally when I lifted in a gym I would (say for Monday) hit back then tri?s then back and so on to keep the weight up. Now I am trying to fatigue the muscle by hitting the same muscle till failure by the second exercise.

I know I am screwed for the most part but am trying to do my best with what I have.
Are there any holes in my routine with what I have???

Thanks for the help.