Newbie Forum

Recently I’ve seen a lot of posts in the T/N forum start sentences like “I’m new here and I’m still learning the basics”. Cool, it’s nice to see people admitting they’re newbies. So why not have a forum for them and the people that are willing to help?

A slightly different idea: Often newbs post questions that don’t require a discussion, because they’re simple questions. So perhaps a “Quick Questions” or “Basic Questions” forum could be put in place. I think this would be a good place for the “Forum FAQ” that Mr. Norcross is compiling.

Perhaps this would inspire some of the vets to start posting again or post more often.

Nah. Not necessary. Besides, most newbies have no idea they’re newbies. See NeilG. He’s been training almost a year and therefore is waaaaaaay to advanced to follow the programs at T-mag.

Not a bad idea. This way, there’d be no flaming of anybody posting in this (newbie) forum. That might make anon and other posters happy.

I think it’s great idea and it could be called the NeilG forum!

At the very least, I think it’d be a great idea to have anyone who goes through the registration process to be able to post here, to be directed to a “Welcome” screen immediately after registering.

That screen would explain the benefits of first, before posting, to go directly to the FAQ to familiarize themselves with the site. It should also explain that this is a great way to avoid sleepless nights and acid indigestion caused by the inevitable and incessant flaming that is sure to occur immediately after that first knuckheaded, dimwitted, newbie post. (Right, NeilG?)

After that, they could click on the appropriate link to get them to the forum of their choice.