Newbie, First Cycle Info

Ok, I am 36 and the older I get the harder it is to keep up. I have never done a cycle and I am determined to give it a try. Just starting off by saying I am determined, well disciplined and have been doing research exhaustedly but now I am looking for input from experts that have been through the experience. I know I am not going to be in competitions etc and I am just doing this for myself. I push myself hard in the gym 6 days a week and as intense as I can go.

I am what drives me and do not care what others think when they look at me, my motivations comes from within to be the best I can be but that is where you all come in. I have read countless forums and you all by far seem the most educated so I am valueing your opinion higher than any others.

First off I am in the US so where to purchase from is my biggest issue right now. I don’t trust buying from just anywhere and looking at everything and asking lots of questions of the websites I am leaning toward buying one site. Got responses right away, straight and to the point, didn’t even try to sell me on anything, just answered my questions.

Second - what to go with for the first time. I am heavily leaning toward Anavar for the first time using and possibly stacking Winstrol or just an anavar cycle on it’s own. I am leary of Winstrol as I don’t want to mess up my liver and can’t go to the doc to have my levels checked all the time but I was only going to do an 8 week cycle the first time. Then do PCT with Clomid and some natural supps like zinc. I am still researching the dosages but Anavar possibly between 30-50. Of course during I will eat right and adjust the protein intake as needed.

Please chime in as I am looking for some good advice from those who have been through it. Thanks for taking the time to read.