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Newbie First Cycle: Clen, Test Prop, Masteron

29 yrs old, 200lbs, 5’7"ish. Want to cut fat and get lean mass, loose this beer belly, fairly bigger upper body guy, have been eating EAT CLEAN BRO, lost roughly 15lbs with eating healthier and working out 3 times a week. (Want more gym time but work schedules is crazy, utility worker so I’m always doing physical work.) Just got a clean bill of health from doctor after a full work up, blood work results all good, ekg all good, blood pressure when I’m relaxed is good lol.

So I am starting my first ever cycle was referred to me by a friend. Taking clen 40, one daily. Test Prop 100, 1cc every other day. And will be stacking with Masteron once it gets in.

Thoughts opinions

Skip the masteron. First cycles should be as simple as possible and side effects should always be easier to manage when you only add one new compound at a time. Clen is a little different because the sides are mostly not overlapping with that of testosterone.

I question the need for this cycle right now. If you’re losing weight from a cleaner diet then why not just keep that going until you hit your goal, then use the testosterone to put on some size? At 29 you’ve still got decently high levels and should be able to keep cutting without dropping much actual muscle. Using a first cycle to cut seems a bit wasteful to me. I dare say a lot of others here would agree.

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I agree 100% and this is coming from somone who thinks AAS use is great for cutting and dropping BF%.

You need to address your weight before throwing more shit in the mix. And you don’t need any of the drugs you have listed to do that.

I also have a busy job with 3 kids so struggle to get to the gym as often as id like too

Get a pull up /dip rack for your house they are small and cheap. You’d be amazed at what you can accomplish with some bars. Especially when you can only make it to the gym a few days a week

I get it. But let’s call this what it is: an excuse. Know why my bf is 18% and not 13%? Because I hate meal prepping and I love chocolate. It’s not that I don’t have the time, it’s that I have chosen a certain level of discomfort and don’t want to go any further right now. You have done the same. I’m not judging you. I too work full time, have a family, and have decided to make the gym a certain priority. But I haven’t done the same for a strict diet. I stopped lying to myself about it and it’s made life a little better. So when I’m disappointed by a result I know who to blame. This is important—seriously, pay attention to this next part—because it has given me zero resentment towards anyone when I’m bummed about results. You have three kids. Those kids are not a burden, right? You love them unconditionally. But if you start a cycle and expect things to go a certain way you may be disappointed. If you’re not honest with yourself about who’s responsible for your results you’ll start to find fault with everyone else. You’ll be pissed at your job, your wife, your kids. You’ll blame them for taking up so much of your time. Don’t do it. A cycle is hard enough on your mind. You’ve already been working on dropping your weight because you want something more for yourself. That too is hard on your mental state. So prepare yourself for what comes next by never letting yourself get away with any excuses. I promise you that this advice is more valuable than anything else that you’ll learn about actual steroids and their use. Don’t underestimate the mental part of this.


Alright guys, im a new member and beginner. Just following this as im in the same boat myself. Im not a bodybuilder nor an athlete just looking for some help.

Im currently about 19stone, and not in a good way (ive let myself go) and in abit of a rush to get back in shape and also need to see results to keep up my motivation.
Currently im stacking dbol and var @ 30mg per day each along with nolva and proviron (already know im gyno prone). Aswel as this im taking t3 & clen. Also pct to follow
Reason for this stack is to mainly loose the gut and slim down whilst trying to keep and build on muscle & stamina. I dont want to be massive but want to be in shape.
My diet consists of mainly chicken, brocolli, rice and various different beans.

I guess im just wondering your guys thoughts on this and where to go from here, is my dosing okay for the results i want etc…

No nothing about this is OK.

Your using a ridiculous amount of drugs and your using them in a horribly wrong way because your fat and can’t stay motivated.

If you can’t stay motivated naturally to loose the fat all the drugs in the world won’t help you maintain a physique if your even able to accomplish a decent one.

Your doing more harm to your out of shape body with the drugs your using and the fashion your using them in then if you were just to remain fat.

Don’t think I’m some bodybuilder or been jacked all my life douche bag giving you info. I came from a 300lb disgusting pig who only lifted twinkies to where I’m at today and I accomplished most of it without drugs. And even now I still wouldn’t use fat burners like clen and t3. Those are great if your 8% and need to get to sub 5% for a show. They aren’t intended for obese people who can’t seem to get thier motivation down. Your probably reeking havoc on your cardiovascular system and endocrine system using the drugs and orals yourbm using in that manor.

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Right im with you then. I get to the gym around 2/3 times a week and for my build im about 3stone over weight plus ive started a rigid diet. Was kind of in the mind frame of using them to get the most out of my diet and gym time really

I know you are new so you don’t get this, but start your own thread.