Newbie Female Needs Help

My girlfriend has never lifted weights before but she has done cardio such as treadmill and bike. I want to get her lifting weights but not sure what her first workout/workouts should consist of. Can anyone recommend? She is looking to get stronger and slimmer.


Maybe you should get her on a basic barbell complex to teach her technique and to smooth her transition from cardio-bunny to T-Vixen.

Start out with something simple like:

Hang clean
Front squat
Push press

When she’s learned that, add a second circuit like:

Rom. Deadlift
Barbell row
Hang clean
Push press
Back squat
Good morning

Once her technique is good, switch to regular ole “set-rep” training and start adding weight.

Unilateral lower-body training would also be a good idea to incorporate from day one.

– ElbowStrike

This comes up every so often and there’s a bunch of opinions on it. As far I’m concerned I’d start her on pretty much whatever you’d start anybody else on at least until she gets the hang of how weight training works.

I’d shoot for the 10-12 or so rep range with failure a coupla reps away, again at least until she gets the hang of it. At the very beginning very light weights and even bodyweight exercises are going to be necessary to keep her from hurting herself and to learn the movements.

Hell, my 11 year old daughter does squats, deads, benches, rows and a few other things albeit with very light weight.

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I usually pay attention to imbalances when I first start someone off(hams to quads, chest to back, etc.)I have found its better to fix those early on. Also, rotator cuff work is usually neglected.