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Newbie Diet Advice


whats up,my name is shadi sayed,im 15 years old, I weigh 220,and im 5'8.
My goal is to ofcourse, like everyones here,to look good. I just started Lifting 3 days ago,Im doing good I guess.My plan is to drink 2 protein shakes in the morning,and 2 at lunch. Thats a total of 200 grams of protein I guess,and then eat regular dinner. Im going to lift,sit ups,push ups, for 2 hours a day after lunch(protein shake). O ya and I will be taking atleast 1 liter of water a day. So my question is,will I be taking enough carbs and calories??


No. Eat more real food. Get your protein from beef, fish, chicken, eggs, and dairy. Carbs should come primarily from fruits and vegetables and things like sweet potatoes, but some rice and pasta is ok too. Make sure you get enough healthy fats. Fish oil helps with this. After your diet is very good, consider adding some supplements such as protein powder (Low-Carb Grow! is great), post-workout shakes (Surge is the best you'll find), and maybe creatine monohydrate if you want. But only add those supplements after your nutrition is in order.

Also, you need to eat more than three times per day. Start with 5 if you don't feel you can eat 6 times. Work up to 6-8 times per day. And read this thread and all the links:



ok so fix my nutrition first then take the supplements?So no shakes? just meat,veggies,and fruits? and some pasta and grains? Ok so how much carbs and calories,and protein should I intake, if I workout for 2 hours a day??


Don't work out 2 hours per day. Read that thread, it has the answers to all your newbie questions.


got it.