Newbie Cyp Cycle

Hey, I am looking to get onto my second cycle. I am 190 at 6 foot 2 and around 13 percent bf. I have been training for about 5 years now, training properly for around 2 years.

I took my first cycle a bit over a year ago. It was 500 mg a week of test enanthate for 10 weeks with some provision and nova at the end. During my cycle I got a crap load of acne on my chest and back. I have a feeling this may be because i was taking too much test for a first cycle? Having said that I got some crazy gains, i put on about 20 pounds and my strength went through the roof.

Considering my reactions to 500 mg of enanthate,I am considering lowering my dosages significantly for the cycle I am about to take. I have on hand 20ml of test cyp, which is enough to do another 500 a week cycle. Howver, will a smaller dose of 250 a week be enough for some good gains?

Learn how to eat. Youre tiny. And you’ve done a cycle already. You rely on steroids to make any gains, and that’s a problem.

Actually I am fairly good with my diet. I used to be about 220 on the fat side. Have done the V-Diet twice. And have also bulked up to 210 naturally prior to doing another cut. I consciously cut back a lot of the weight that I gained from my first cycle because I had to co a lot of work related travel which made training hard. This is why my bodyweight is low ATM, I only just finished my travelling. I definently don’t NEED gear to make gains.

So can anyone advise on my question about cyp dosages

Your acne was likely from excessive estrogen. Control that and you can run whatever dose you want