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Newbie, Cycling with "TRT"

So, I’m not sure if this is classed as a first time cycle question or a trt question.

I’m 36, 6’2, 230, about 18% bf. Bench 315, squat 405 and deadlift 502. I’ve never used steroids to this point.

I’ve had bloods and have low t, approx 350 ng/dl, but can’t get trt (am in UK, so nhs won’t fund, I think partially that the drs assume I’ve used aas over the years) so am planning on buying and self medicating trt. I’m married, have a kid, no vasectomy. No real interest in having another child, but not against it, so the fertility issue attached to trt is of no consequence to me.

Come the time, I’ll most likely run test c at between 150-200mg a week, taking 2 shots of 75-100mg a time. I’ll use adex If needed, unsure about hcg as testicular atrophy doesn’t bother me and I’ll only do it if I feel I need it.

I do want to run at least a couple of cycles. Nothing flashy. Test, dbol at first, 12 weeks maybe. Add in some tren/eq for the next cycle etc.

My big query is this. Should I…

A/ run a cycle, run pct, come off and repeat after a fee months natural, then after a couple of years when I no longer want to cycle go on trt

B/ run a cycle (blast) and run trt (cruise) in between

C/ start try for a length of time (6 months to settle in) then blast and cruise as per point B).

I fully understand trt is, to all intents and purposes, a lifelong thing, and have no doubt that I will do this by 40 at the latest, due to low (but just in range) t levels. But I do want to run a couple cycles to see what happens.

Any advice is appreciated.

I had a similar issue mate, diagnosed with low T, but due to being under 40 mine isn’t covered on our Gov scheme either here in Oz, however the doc writes me a private script for the test cream that I have to get made up at a compound chemist.
It’s best to have it run through the doc mate, instead of self medicating,at least they will keep an eye on stuff, and check your bloods and such

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