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Newbie Cycle


Hi guys, sorry for posting more newbie questions but I have searched the site for answers and have not found exact answers for MY questions yet.

I have found loads of good advise though so this post is a damn sight shorter than it was going to be.

I am 30 year old Male 160lbs (but only 5'4")
I have been working out in the gym for a few years and have good personal trainers, so know what to do.

I have 6x sustanon 250mg 1ml
and 10x deca 200mg 2ml

I have taken one course of dianabol tablets before 45mg a day over 6 weeks (I know not a great idea and I have been flamed for that already in previous posts)

I want to mix both the sus and deca in one injection, I have found posts that say its OK to mix water based and oil based juice, is it Ok to mix 2 oil based?

I was going to take 250ml sus and 200ml deca per week, both at same time.

I read that anything below 400mg of deca is a waste, but for a guy on his first course that only weighs 160lbs 200mgs is 200mgs OK?

Also I want to do some sprint training whilst on this course, if I do lots of sprint training am I wasting my time and gear? Or will my leg muscles become much faster? Are these types of steriods only good for size and strength?

Many Thanks in advance, sorry for not knowing my stuff but at least I am asking you guys first this time, I appreciate any help and respect those people who take their time to respond kindly to idiots like me.


I'am not going to flame you but this is a not a good cycle. First of all you don't have the right gear for the length of cycle that you want to do, if you wanted to do a short cycle (6 weeks) you should stick with test prop,npp,winstrol,anavar,d-bol,ect. injecting sustanon once a week will give you unbalanced hormone levels. And you will not gain or retain anything from this cycle. So basically you have 2 options.
1. got more sustanon and deca take the sustanon 2x or 3x a week for 12 weeks or more
2. sell this gear for other short acting gear and ran a 6 week cycle like you planned.
And what's you PCT look like? this is as important if not more important than what drugs you use.


Thanks for reply

so 250mg of sus per week is not enough?

Sorry but I do not know what PCT is.



A good many people do not like sust. I have used it If i were you I would pm Mr Anthony Roberts and or the Bushidobadboy for advice on your chemistry.Although i do not agree with mr a/r on the tapering method,His his knowledge on Anabolics is...........lets just say it would be foolish for you not to run this by him.



ok...damn this is going to be hard. first of all you need to do a lot more research before you start anything. Sorry, but it's true. I read for YEARS about AAS before I tried a cycle and I still made mistakes. I learn new stuff about the juice almost everyday, as do a majority of the vets on here do. point is you really don't know very much ABOUT A DRUG YOU'RE INJECTING INTO YOUR BODY. If you run the sustanon you need to run at least 500mg/wk divided into 2-3 shot a week to keep blood levels stable. Go to google look up steroid profile's and read every one you get your hands on about sustanon and deca, plus whatever you can get your hands on. And PCT is absoultly important!!! read everything on it. and come back to me with some idea's. peace-sas


Thanks again for your help, if i buy more sus and do 2 x 250ml a week, and 1 x 200ml deca a week for 10 weeks would this be OK?

Also any advice on what PCT to use would be greatly appreciated thanks


Do some more research. That was the answer give, if you don't even know what pct is or that 250mg of sustanon with 200mg of deca is a crappy cycle you obviously dont know the first damned thing.


this is the same thought I had. but I was just trying to be nicer about it. :slight_smile:


I don't know guys you are correct, that is obvious, but thats why im posting to ask you people who do know.

My major problem is that I am receiving conflicting advise.

One guy says mix the two drugs and do one a week

another says you should never mis

someone on here says that 250ml of sus a week is not enough, another guy I know says it is (and he is huge)

I now know what PCT is, we dont call it PCT in Uk so sorry about my ignorance, I was thinking of using injectable chlomid, any thoughts?

I have found lots of info on the net but even this is conflicting and some of it is a bit to medical and complicated for me to understand.

thanks again


OK. i'am bored at work, so i'll lay it out for you.

ok, first of all you always want to run almost twice as much test as deca, so it's really the matter of 250mg a week of sustanon not being enough, it's to prevent "deca dick" if you like your penis you will always run more test that deca or tren. second of all you can mix the drugs in the same syringe.

So you could take 1cc deca, 1cc sust on monday, and 1cc of sust on thursday. run that for 10-12 weeks wait 2-3 weeks after your last shot to do pct. have novaledex on hand as well as clomid before you ever start your cycle. If you start to get any gyno start use the novlaledex. and god dammit! fucking read more!

If ever want to get any solid lasting gains from steroids, you might need to know a little about them. I mean come on man, I have an IQ of like 45 and I feel like I know enough to get by. get your shit together. otherwise you might fuck yourself up and get the nickname "pamela" because of your massive bitch tits. damn wankers.


i'm gonna suggest you re-think this cycle, you don't want to waste your gaining potential of your first cycle with such a shitty layout. just because a guy is huge does not mean in any way he knows what hes talking about, i see this firsthand all the time. from reading your posts, it is obvious that you are not quite ready to take the plunge. better educate yourself first, you will be happy you did.