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Newbie Cycle


This will be the basis of what I plan to be two 8-10 week cycles per year --- this one being a Fall/Winter cycle designed for size/strength. The other will be a Spring cut cycle (with something other than test).

Goal: To keep the lean mass that is gained. This will be part of a multi-year plan, so gaining 20-30lb per cycle is not necessary.

35 years old
Lifting age 14+ years

Week 1 Frontload 800mg of Enanthate
0.25mg A-dex EOD

Weeks 2-10 400mg of Enanthate
0.25mg A-dex EOD

Weeks 12-14 HCG
(taper from 250iu ED to
25iu per day as per P-22's

Weeks 15-16 Nolvadex 40mg ED

Weeks 17-18 Nolvadex 20mg ED

I know 400mg per week is on the low side, but I'm anticipating having to up that to 600mg+ over the course of a few years. This isn't a one-shot deal, so I'm being conservative.
I know its best to start a "bulk" cycle as lean as possible, so I'll be spending the summer getting my BF down to the 10% range.
Any comments would be appreciated since I've used an assload of posts on this site to put this together.


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Not sure who pm'd you dude but it wasn't me. Just asking for some feedback on planning my first cycle. I've been researching my ass off and want to make sure I've got my bases covered. If you're looking to flame someone for the hell of it you should probably go somewhere else.


Biscuite is a kool guy who should not leave :).. I think he was telling you that you can pm him if your were having troubles.



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Wow Jeff. Biscuit-Boy offers to help (granted it was in his usual southern style) and you decide to that the forums shit. If you look at all the posts in the steroid section you'll see that there are many regulars who will give you a wealth of advice as long as you are willing to listen. Granted Biscuite isn't the most subtle guy when it comes to replies:-D, but he has a genuine concern for the safety and wellbeing of all the guys posting on this site.

Now if you want any advice let me know. You can either post again or P.M me.




  • the frontload is fine.
  • the dosages are fine.
  • the duration is fine.
  • test only is a good option whether it is your 1st cycle or your tenth, so the AAS chosen is fine.
  • the a-dex dosage is on the low/conservative side. 0.5 mg EOD is more of a standard dose.
  • i don't like the HCG protocol, or the use of HCG whatsoever for a cycle like this. IMO if you choose to mess with HCG then you should start a weekend protocol @ week 3 and run very very conservative IU doses of 250 or less......that being said, the use of HCG is not necessary at all in this cycle!
  • i think you could start your PCT at week 14...15 at the latest.

with your goals in mind, it is not a bad cycle lay out...just needs some tweaking. if you were to add anything, i would suggest a d-bol jumpstart. 25-30 mg ED for 4 weeks would do the job.

good luck.


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Yall think his PCT is 'OK' minus the HCG?


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Yes, he can leave the HGC, but need to move the nolva up to start in its place.



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