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Newbie Cycle- Seem Good?

Hey guys, I recently posted my first thrad about Dbol only. Which was only a thought to see hwo my body would react to the dbol. ( so far so good. ) I asked my buddy about test, and we got into a longer conversation… Proposing just full out doing a stack as cycle, and going balls out. I am propsing a 10 week cycle, with dbol to start it off. ( already started. ) Adding in test and deca, 1 ml a week of test and deca, for ten weeks, then arimidex or nolvadex as PCT.

I am 23
3 years in the gym.
Diet and training are spot on.

I realize most will say I should wait till I am older, I have taken this into consideration, and have decided to cycle regardless. That is my decision and has been made. I would however, Like to do it right.

My main question is with both test and deca, I wont shutdown at all with proper pct?
I was going to do a dbol only cycle to dip my toes in the water, But I may take the first cycle/ Balls out approach. Would Like to do things safely, Especially when it comes to pinning.

Any questions will be answered truthfully, And I hope to get some decent feedback. Thanks for your time guys.

How in the fuck are we supposed to answer that question when you don’t even tell us how much gear you are using? 1 mL/week does not tell us shit except that you will be injecting 1mL or fluid per week–it says nothing about the concentration of the gear.

regardeless, its probably stupid.

eugh my bad, new to this stuff buddy. 300 mg,test weekly. 250 mg deca a week test for ten weeks, deca for right weeks.
arimidex / nolva for pct