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Newbie Cycle Question


I’m 40 years old, been working out since March of 2004, used to be 270 lbs, got down to 170, now hover anywhere between 180 and 190 pounds, with a very nice rearrangement of the muscle tissue for my effort. I look good and feel great. Relative to my past self, hell, I’m a complete stud. I still don’t have the abs I want.

Anyway, I usually work out 5 days a week, occasionally only four, and rarely three. Workouts are usually 40 mins to an hour - a three way split with arms, upperbody/core, legs. Approximately every 2-4 months I do add jogging for a couple months, approximately 3-5 miles per workout, after the lifting.

My diet is mostly cyclic low carb, ketogenic low carb, and Gironda style pro-hormone and muscle building diet, depending on whatever I’m doing at the time.

My supplements vary, but usually include lipos, C, calcium and d, a + e, anabolics, nitrogen boosters, essential oils, CLA, chromium picolinate and L-Glutamine. Various other stuff added occasionally… sometimes speedy cutting agents like HOT-ROX if I’m trying to gain, sometimes protein and creatine if I’m cutting and in lypolisis/ketosis (sounds backwards, I know).

I’m considering doing at least one steroid cycle, to see what’s all the to-do about it. What I want to accomplish is, of course, muscle mass gain and fat loss.

Sadly, I’d like to say that I’ve read this and several other steroid newbie threads. I’ve been thinking about it and studying for many months. Still, I don’t see how on earth anyone who has never done a cycle can glean much from the articles. I think that they may be great for people with experience, but my hunch is that most people have honestly been “mentored in” personally.

The reason I say this is that, even though I’m not completely stupid, I am definitely too dumb to piece together what these articles are really saying, because I don’t even know what a lot of the words mean! You can only look up so many words in arow before you’re completely lost. I realize that makes me sound completely ignorant, but, without actual face to face help, I’m not sure how you guys and gals figured this all out.

I have the distinct feeling I’m about to get completely flamed, but, I’ve decided to risk it cause I want to know. In all sincerity, if I get rid of all the fine tuning you experts are dealing with, to me, it sounds like I could successfully try one cycle by taking three Diabonol tablets and one EstroBlock tablet a day orally for twelve weeks, merely by continuing my workout cycle, low carb diet, and adding 1.5 - 3 g high quality protein such as Iso-Pure per pound of body weight.

Is there anything substantially WRONG with what I would like to try doing? Am I missing something completely obvious?

Well, any non-flame help you could give me is appreciated.

Thanks all.

Read more of the threads in the steriod section. It doesnt sound like what you have planned is going to help you at all with your goals in mind.

12 weeks of d bol is a bad idea. 3 tabs a day at how many mg? No mention of pct.
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