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Newbie Cycle Question

hello all,

been reading TN for a while now, though just now decided to join to ask some questions, as I’ve read lots of good info here over the past few months.

goals for cycle: add 15lbs, tighten and lean.
current stats: 6’6, 238lbs, ?%bf. (up lean 4lbs from 2 wks ago). As you can imagine, with my height, its hard to put on the muscle, thus why I’ve asked Mr. AAS for some help.

only advice, no flames please, I know the goods and bads of oral only cycles, and haven’t ventured to pins yet.

currently I’m nearly finished my 2nd wk var at 40mg ed. I’ve already gained ~4 lbs lean wieght, but this is also due to diet I’m sure. The var has tightened me up a bit, but also provides heart burn daily and back pain. Haven’t lost much belly fat yet, which I have a very small amt of, and no vascularity yet, even in forearms. Though heard wk 3 that should kick in, but not counting on it.

My question: I’ve got some dbol coming to help with a bit more muscle and strength. As I’ve heard the class II is good to stack with var (class I).

How much dbol should I take to avoid sides? Should I down the var dosage while taking the dbol for a few weeks?
The dbol is 25mg caps (so will split the cap).

My current plan is this, please comment (currently on wk 2 var only, getting dbol next wk).

var 40mg ed - wk 1-4
dbol 25mg (or less) split ed - wk 3-5
var 50mg ed - wk 5-7
nolva 40mg ed - wk 6-7
nolva 20mg ed - wk 8-9

Milk thistle 1000mg milkthistle ed wk 3-9

At these low dosages, I’m not expecting any liver issues, nor much bloat from the dbol (hopefully).

Think the dbol only for a couple weeks in the middle will help to put on some muscle without a ton of water? And the var to tighten up what the dbol does provide?

Comments, concerns?

Thanks -


First off, if you haven’t already planned everything out, you really have no business on a cycle. You should know exactly what you are doing by now.

Secondly, this should be in the Steroids forum, not the beginners section.

Third, a beginner has no business going on juice. None. Lastly, eat more, at 6’6" you’ll need a lot of muscle to really see the difference, but putting on muscle shouldn’t be any more difficult for you then it is for anyone else.

I outweigh you by 5lbs and I’m 5’9". The weight looks very different on me then it does on you, but if I want to gain more weight, I eat more and lift heavy shit, which is what you should be doing to gain weight.

I do eat lots bro.

I didn’t even put up my diet and your givin it the gears.

Ok, I’ll make sure to post in roids forum next time… like I said, I’m new to this board.

I didn’t ask “if” I should be juicin’, I asked about the affects of stacking these two compounds. ie. experiences.

I do lift heavy, and lots, and I do eat (lots, and clean).

Thanks anyway.


[quote]tbonesmash wrote:
I do eat lots bro.

I didn’t even put up my diet and your givin it the gears.
You’ve been training for three years, and given your height and weight, you can gain more without juice if you really tweak it. I don’t need to see someone’s diet to know that at 6’6", 238lbs isn’t a heck of a lot of weight to be carrying around.

That’s all well and good, but as I said before, this is something you should have figured out before starting a cycle.

I don’t doubt that, but I strongly suspect that you can eat more.

I also strong suspect that you aren’t anywhere near you genetic potential, and playing a trump card this early in the game may hamper your long term success. Best of luck either way, it’s your decision.

I have been lifting with a trainer for 3 years (before that without a traininer for many years, but only consider it ‘serious training’ when I got the trainer), and he has me on a heavy clean diet, eating lots, to reach my leaner goals.

My trainer isn’t in the juicin game, so I didn’t ask him about this stuff.

I ‘did’ figure it out before the cycle (lots of research), I did not just jump in, and wanted to gain some lean weight, just generally put on some more lean mass to work with naturally post-cycle…

I chose var to put on that lean mass and keep it, but it isn’t putting on the lean mass that I want it to… affects different people in different ways. And of course you have to experiement to see what works best for ‘you’ right?

My eating has been altered, and training has been altered many times over the years to build the mass I want, but it hasn’t come the way I want… to me, that’s a cap/genetic potential limit I want to hurdle with a small kick in synthesis ass.

This is a very small cycle to help with a plateau, and want to know how they work together. I ‘have’ read around to see how they work together, but this is a direct question that I don’t feel has been answered adequately through my research.