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Okay I am going to be honest,

I didn’t plan for my first cycle as BEST as I could. Left things for last minute and changed my original plan - was going to run Test P for 7 weeks pinning twice a week, after posting here I changed it to MWF. This is my first cycle, I got some serious good gains these last 4 weeks, especially when upping dosage from 0.5ml to 1ml.

I f****D UP badly. My guy let me down on bringing me a second vial of test prop - on week 4, was going to run it for 8 weeks. Anyways I have about 0.5 - 0.75 ml left of my test prop which I am pinning MWF, so one shot left for Monday, maybe.

The place I am on vacation doesn’t really have gym junkies BUT the pharmacies are quite leaniant.
I managed to find some Test Cyprinate from a pharmacy â?? 100mg /ml for a 10ml vial.

I also found medical grade Test Sust from a pharmacy that they will sell to me over the counter but in 1 ml doses.
Ratio is: Test P 20mg
Test Phenyl: 40mg
Test Isocpriate: 40mg
Benzyl Alchol IP: 0.1ml
Arachis Oil IP q.s.

So I have two options, considering this is only week 4 and I want to finish this cycle.

Option A â?? Buy the CYP and jump onto that from Monday. My last pin was yesterday for prop. Have maybe 0.5m â?? 0.75ml left. This is also the cheapest option as they are selling 10ml vials at around 60 dollars each. What dosage and how often should I run it? When should I run PCT â?? considering I have done 4 weeks of PROP.

Option A - Buy the sust and jump onto that from next week. If so what dosage would you recommend? Each 1ml vial is 10$.

Option C - Cut the cycle short, run some M-Stak and PCT.

This is my first cycle to.

Any advice appreciated!