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Newbie Cycle Layout

Hey guys, i Belong to a diff forum board but find little enjoyment posting in it-they are all about PH’s and know very little. So I’ve been reading in on T-Land and found alot of helpful posts and decided it’s time to join, and will be posting a log in the next three weeks of this outlined cycle.

21yrs old (i know)
average 170lbs
lifting since middle school, serious lifting for about 4yrs now(4days/week)
Max bench 300lbs
Max Squat 380lbs
Max DL 345lbs
Diet: i shoot for 3500-4000 cal to keep my gains, 1 gal of water ED, high carb(400 and up) about 200g protein, fats up to 110g. on cycle i will up cals to around 4500 and water up to 2 gal ed.
i have an extremely fast metabolism, and work in a warehouse that ships orders over 80,000lbs so i move alot durring the day and push out alot of weight.

week 1 Frontload Test Enth @1000mg, 750mg monday, 250mg Thursday
weeks 2-9 Test Enth @ 500mg/week, 250mg monday, 250mg thursday

now this is where im ‘iffy’

weeks 8-11 Anadrol(liquid) 50mg ED
weeks 9-12 Anadrol 50mg ED

PCT is Nolva running 40/40/20/20
weeks 12-15, or if A-bombs adjusted to weeks 9-12, then pct will be weeks 13-16

I know Anadrol is a very powerful roid and carries its sides, I’m aware. I’m running a low does of 50mg, and if things get bad(even with nolva/Adex) i simply stop it. also using CEL’s Cycle Assist while on drol

Tricky part, my source for whatever reason is out of letro, dont know when its comming back.
I do have 10 1/2 Arimadex (purple IP 1mg) sitting around and was thinking to save them for when i start the drol, .5mg EOD. If i run .5mg EOD i will have enough for about 6 weeks-half my cycle If I were to run into problems within my first 6 weeks(unlikely but possible) i would then take 20mg Nolva per day as needed til sides go.

My source use to carry hcg as well but again, no longer does. so im bummed about that, but I’ve read that it can be done without.

I’m married and have a 2yr old boy, another in the oven as we speak(yes at age 21 haha) so im not too worried about children. We plan to have a third child in the next three yrs then we ‘should’ be good for settling down.

I’ve run M-drol for 3 weeks about 8months ago and enjoyed the strength and gained 9lbs, lost 2lbs in pct. (I get blood work done also, i got insurance) I bother the wife all the time about running a real cycle. finaly got a reliable source for gear and fast as hell shipping/great prices and wife gave me the go to enter the dark side. any thoughts, you’re welcome to post. i plan to start this cycle may 1st or so

not only do i plan to log this cycle on here, but i will also be getting blood work done before i begin, every four weeks through the cycle, and again about a month after pct.

What are your goals?

My suggestion: Train heavier, wave bye bye to your abs for a little, and eat like you’re on for 6 months. You’re young, and despite your admirable hard work and gains, you have plenty to go naturally.

Think about it like this: juice is the nuclear option. Where do you go after you’ve used that option?

My goals are to bulk. I’m more than lean so now i need nasty mass. i read that a newbie with a 10-12 week test enth only cycle at 500-700mg/week should expect up to 30-40lbs gain and about 15 of that water. and im including the a bombs.

my goal weight is to hit 185-190ish solid. my life time goal is to hit 195-200lbs lean so im hoping this run will get me close to that so i can make continual slow gains through the next years. (im sure this will not be my only cycle, i plan to run roughly one per year until saticfied).

OTS1 -i understand where you’re coming from, im sure i could put on more size with time. i train like hell, and eat like it also. i sleep good, and this is a choice i want to make-i feel like im well aware of the risks/sides and i know my goals and wants. this cycles is going to go on, and i do thank you for your input.
i am not careless, and have no problems with having a doc follow along with my cycle.

I would also recommend what OTS said but if you’re so stuck on running it…

I’d leave the drol for your second cycle cause it can have some real bad sides for some people. Why just jump right into it? Get an idea of how you react to test, how much you should dose your AI, and run it the full 12 weeks alone. Your second cycle, you can then run the drol, having a better idea of what to expect, how to dose your AI, etc.

Again, like OTS said, aas is your nuclear option. That also means after your first cycle, you want to have room to add stuff later on; take it slow. Add the drol in your 2nd cycle, then add more shit to your 3rd, and so on.

I just want to make it clear again that in all sincerity, you really should just keep pushing natural until you’ve gone farther, but that’s your decision and it should be respected. It’s your body.

I will repeat: add 1000 kcal/day to your diet, and keep training hard and see if you don’t grow. Nom nom nom. Food is more anabolic than juice. I speak truth here. You seem well informed, and you’ve hit a plateau in your training. I feel ya. I really do. So how about this: add 1000kcal/day to your diet, and run a full smolov squat cycle. I double-dog dare you to not grow on that. If you do that, and don’t grow, and you decide to go “on the bean” as I used to call it waybackwhen:

There’s endless threads on basic test cycles for newbs. Listen to them. Alternatively, I have found short frequent cycles to provide the best side effect/benefit ratio. Either way, no drol this time around. Start with one compound so you can determine how you react to that compound. Each successive cycle add no more than one compound. You need to know how your body reacts to things. Steroid profiles don’t have the real dope.

Personal example:

30mg/day halo according to all the profiles should turn me into a raging psychopath with jaundice. I noticed no change in aggression, but a marked increase in strength.

100mg/day test suspension according to profiles should explode me like nothing else. I found it to be no different than any other test, and at that dose, I got lower back pumps, I wouldn’t go that high again.

Tren is supposed to be this side-effect beast, but I have found it to be pretty mild.

HCG seems to increase my estrogen related sides. Don’t know why, and its in none of the profiles.

If I had just run all these compounds at once for the first time, I would have had no idea what drug was doing what. Since I did run them one at a time or in combination with drugs I knew, I can now take as much halo as I want, avoid suspension, up my tren dosage, and increase AI dosage with HCG use. Make sense?

I really think you’re too young and not quite developed enough for this yet, but I’m just an internet nobody. If you decide to go down this path, just do it in the smartest way possible.

Alright guys, i thought this all through and decided to drop out the drol. Thanks for respectively showing concern and talking this out “one on one”. I know with time i could put a little more weight on, but like said this is the route i choose, and if i choose to run an aas i should do it in a smart way. i was looking into the two weeker cycles and wanted to take a shot at that, but also heard that your first cycle- popping the cherry is the best one, typicaly. i would make the best gains the first time around so i might as well run it 10 weeks or so to allow my body to adapt to the new strength and weight gain. it will be harder to recover doing a longer cycle but i think for the first run it would be the most beneficial in terms of maxing it out. thanks again for your input.

week 1: frontload, monday 625mg, thursday 250mg test e
weeks 2-10 500mg test e

i have m-drol so i might toss that in the last three weeks until pct begins (weeks 11-13ish @ 20mg ED)