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Newbie Cycle Help


This will be my 1st cycle. I am 31, weight 215lbs@12.5% BF +/- and have been training for alomst 10 years. I like the idea of shorter cycles and I really want to make sure I stay healthy in the long term. Here is my plan:

Wk1-2: Deca 500mg, EQ 600mg, Oral Turanibol 20mg ED
Wk3-4: EQ 600mg
Wk 5-6: nothing since above esters will be very active.
Wk 7: oral Primo 60mg ED
Wk 8: oral Primo 40mg ED, 100mg Clomid ED

Wk 9, 10: Clomid 50mg ED, Nolva 20mg ED
Wk 11: 20mg Nolva ED
Wk 12: 10mg Nolva ED

Would that work well? I would wait at least 10 more weeks (after the PCT) before I cycled again. Would I be able to maintain my gains taking that much time off bettween cycles? Thanks in advance for the advice...


Those drugs aren't really suited for short cycles. IMO, you wouldn't get that much out of that cycle. Consider NPP if you really had decca in mind.


Your probably expecting this but is there a reason there is no test?


Actually I'm just trying to work with the stuff I have. A good friend recently decided to quit after he got busted by the DEA about a year ago. He gave me what he had left (that they didn't find)to do with what I will. That included:

40cc EQ @200mg/cc
30cc Deca @250mg/cc
100+/- Dbol @5mg ea.
150+/- OT @10mg ea.
500 Oral Primo @10mg ea. (paper)

I really have no interest in selling anything,especially after my boy got busted so I figured I'd give it a go and use it myself.

Other than that, I also want to try to be at least a little sympathetic to my hair line that had started to thin in my old age...so I figured avoiding test might be important. I figure if I have any problems getting it up while on EQ and Deca i'll just hit some D-bol as needed.


Yea..I figured it wouldn't be optimal given the long acting esters, but I am very concerned about my HPTA health/recovery and I've heard horror stories from some people on longer cycles (16 wks) about never fully recovering thier natural test, etc.

so I wanted to keep it under 8 weeks give or take just to be on the safe side. i was actually thinking of ditching the Deca since its so supressive.