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Newbie Cycle Advice

First off, just want to start by saying hello to everyone on here, and I hope to receive some correct and useful information/guidance. I’ve recently retired after serving for quite some time in the military and six combat deployments. I’ll leave my occupation out of this as I’ve moved on to the private contracted sector…but a few of you can probably guess what that is from my avitar and username. Anyway, I’ve always had to maintain peak physical fitness to carry out my occupational requirements…but now I’m free of the consistent random drug tests and want to go “bigger, faster, stronger” by means of extra supplements. I’ve done a few lower dosed cycles in the past that was enough to make a difference in my performance during direct-action missions (please don’t judge me since I was still in the service, but I kind of wanted to stay alive and have as much help doing so if you know what I mean). These cycles generally consisted of 250mg Test-C M/T injections for 8-10 weeks, then followed up with a proper PCT.


The irony in all this is I’ve now been diagnosed with Low-T…but now I get government issued Test-C in 1ml/200mg vials on a very regular basis. So I have quite a bit of that stored up and stock piled, and I just acquired 50ml of oral Stanozolol at 50mg/1ml…giving me roughly 7 weeks of supply on the Stanz.

I’m currently 36 y/o, 5’ 7", 180-183lbs, 07-08% BFC, but I want to hit 200lbs at <07%. The 14 week cycle I propose is listed below, and yes, I’m on (and always have been) a very healthy diet with all the appropriate amount of essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins. I rarely take any other supplements than whey protein mainly, but will occasionally take a pre-workout supplement for energy or nitric oxide.

Also, I almost forgot to mention, but before I was prescribed the injectable Test-C, I was prescribed Andro-Gel, which I probably have a year’s supply of still. I also have a very large supply of injectable Noveral that I was prescribed for fertility issues (but wife got pregnant and they kept prescribing it for a long time on accident). And I have no other sources for any other gear that would help…

This is my proposed cycle:

Weeks 1-12: 200mg injection every third day. (Not the typical twice a week M/T injection due to 200mg/vial T value)

Weeks 7-14: 50mg ED oral Stanz

Weeks ?-?: Noveral or Andro-Gel for PCT

So I’m looking for honest opinions on this cycle idea. I have thick skin, so lay it on me if I’m way off base or if you have moral issues with what I’ve shared. I also need recommendations for my PCT on a cycle such as this. I’m open to all suggestions or criticism, just looking for correct guidance on reaching my goal.

Thank you in advance for any input!