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Newbie Checklist, Running Test E

Hey all, so i recently took a interest in running a cycle. Complete noob.
after some reading around i decided to run testosterone.
im 5’7 and am lean at 140lbs
my goal is to weigh 165 and remain aesthetic. i will work out 6 days a week
the plan is:

600mg of Test E a week 25gauge syringe 1.5in length.
_ will eat about 4000calories a day_
adding .25mg/week oral armidex to control estrogen

ive read that is all i will need for my first cycle? is it planned out right? what would you recommend and why? simple terms please so its easy to understand


You are a smaller guy, your dosage is going to be high which could cause some side effects right off the bat.

Are you dividing your dose in half for 2 shots per week? How are you injecting? IM or SubQ? How long have you been working out? Diet? PCT? You said you WILL work out 6 days a week. What do you work out now?

Hey, thanks for your reply! im 26 and yes, am planning on splitting it into twice a week but i appreciate you letting me know that its too high a dose, will adjust to 500mgs when cycle starts.
ive been working out 3 years &
will continue the way im working out currently, 3 consecutive days (legs,pull,push) rest one day and repeat.
the pct plan was to continue the armidex use for about 4 weeks after cycle is done?
should i use something else instead?current

You need a proper PCT. Running arimidex after cycle will crash your e2 and won’t help you recover. You need a SERM. The two go-to choices are Tamoxifen (Nolva) or Clomiphene (Clomid). They help restart your natural production and get you back to somewhere near normal. PCT is run for four weeks, starting two weeks after your last test injection. Dosages are as follows: 40mg/d (Nolva) for the first two weeks and then 20mg/d for the last two weeks; this is shorthanded as 40/40/20/20 in most forum posts. For Clomid it’s 50/50/25/25. These are proven PCT drugs and dosages, so don’t think about reinventing the wheel. Go with the tried and true methods and you should have success.


:awthanks: thank you very much for this info, you gave proper reasoning and dosages with timeframe,
i was under the impression that the armidex and nolvadex did the same thing