Newbie But Oldbie

Hello TN, This is my first post here after reading over lots of the thread over the last week.

I am 47 years of age, and have receintly gotten back into weight training (used to many moons ago in high school and in my mid 20’s) So not a newcomer to the weight lifting game :slight_smile:

I am currently at 252 pounds but from a heaviest weight of 330. Heading down to my wedding day weight of 235. Which is the lowest I have been since I was 20 :slight_smile:

Health wise, I feel great better than I have for MANY years, with the weight loss. And also 4 years ago i had a minor heart attack, weight and sloth reasons. And am on the usual heart pills. (Blood pressure, anti coagulant stuff you know) But hopefully with my next Docs visit these willb e greatly reduced, with my approx 100 pounds weight loss.

But anyway enough of that stuff :slight_smile:
Like i mentioned I have just receintly gotten back into weight training, have been for about 2 week steady now.

have a home gym (Weider Crosbar) and do a whole body workout Monday, Wednesday and Friday. (Bench presses, hack squats, leg presses, Tri’s, Bi’s, shoulders, back and all over all around and 1-1.25 hours each day) and cardio everyday, walking, eliptical mostly.

I have been looking into suppliments,
Was thinking of using the whey protein drinks, and also muscle milk for the evening drink.
But for the more potent stuff this has me concerned with the ticker, after seeing the label warnings :slight_smile:

Alpha Male extreme looks like a very nice product, Will help in everything I think I need assistance in. And some simply with age :slight_smile:
So what do you all think, or have used, Alpha Male extreme, yes, no, or HELL NO ?

Or just stick with the “safe” known stuff Protein, creatine, or maybe even TT Testosterone gold stuff ?

Thanks for listening, and looking forward to reading about everybody elses sucesses and trials.

Take care

Perhaps you should allow your Doctors to decide whether the contents of these products are suitable for your conditions.

But welcome to the site and I’m sure you’ll get plenty of support and good advice on your training regimen.

Good luck with your goals Pilgrim.

Welcome to the site, Mr. Bill.

Personally, I’d suggest starting with only 1 or 2 things so that you can better gauge their effect on you.

As a fellow 47-year-old who came late to the party, I’d say that yes, Alpha Male is very beneficial and ought to be tried.

And everyone could benefit from some decent protein added to their diet; I’d strongly suggest you try Metabolic Drive available here. It would be hard to beat the taste and quality.