Newbie Bulking Workout

Is this a good workout for bulking (for a begginer)?

Upper Body Day
Chest: Bench Press, 3 x 10-12
Back: Bent over Barbell Rows, 2 x 10-12
Wide Grip Pull-ups or Pulldowns, 2 x 10-12
Shoulders: Overhead Dumbbell Press, 2 x 10-12
Biceps: Standing Barbell Curl, 2 x 10-12
Triceps: Skull crushers (tricep extensions), 2 x 10-12
Total - 13 sets

Lower Body Day
Quads: Squats, 4 x 10-12
Hamstrings: Lying hamstring curl, 2 x 10-12
Stiff leg deadlift, 2 x 10-12
Calves: Standing calf raise, 2 x 10-12
Sitting Calf raise, 2 x 10-12
Total - 12 sets




Josh as a newbie any training you do is going to give significant gains. I would suggest picking one of the many proven programs in the mag until you get some experience.

If you are opposed to that I would suggest dropping the direct arm work and leg curls and instead add more sets to your compound lifts.

With training covered, I would say the more important thing for you to focus on would be your diet. No matter how much/how you lift if you diet isnt in order it is all for not. Start a food log today and check out the frequently asked ?'s for diets as well as training. In particular check out the “foods that make you look good nekid” and if bulking is your goal try maybe “Massive Eating.”
T Dawg is also Great and can be adjusted to bulk with.

Biggest thing is start a log and read up, but dont get overwhelmed by all the facts. Probably a good idea to start with this article.

It will give you a good base of all the basics of diet to start with, and you can build your knowledge from there.

Any further ?'s dont hesitate to ask and it would be helpfull if you posted your stats and goals and we could help ya run some #'s.

Good luck, hope I helped. Read up.

As a newbie you are lucky to have found this site, it is an indispensible source. We should have all been so lucky when we began.


Sorry, right now I am following John Berardi’s Massive Eating. I have the diet part down, but I just need a good solid workout, thats not too complicated.



Big Boy Basics. Nice and simple. Now get big.



Time you have available to train, days a week?

Right now I am 5’ 11" and weigh 145 lbs (+4lbs from 2 weeks ago). I am tired of being a “little guy”. I want to bulk to at least 160lbs, but I don’t really know what my ideal weight should be. Right now I wear a waist 31, will I have to but new clothes after I’m done bulking? I would prefer to train in the evening 3 times a week.



Read these and pick a program:

Wow! Thanks Davo, great articles!


I’d recommend checking out CW’s Anti-bodybuilding hypertrophy (ABBH) program as well. I was also tired of being small, I was 5’5 and 121 lbs, and used Massive Eating, ABBH, and another program called the bear from the book power to the people to put on 24 lbs over 9 weeks. In that time my bf went from 10.5% to 13% which was fine with me. I’m aiming for 170 at 8% bf but that’s on hold right now due to hernia surgery and needing to recover from it.

Is resting between sets important? If so, how long should I rest between my sets?



Second on the ABBH.

As far as the resting between sets yes it is of great importance. It is also depentdent on the type of lifting and the individual trainee. A cookie cutter type of thinking seems to be 60sec. for high rep work, 90-120sec. for low rep high weight. The main thing is recovering enough to come back with near the same intensity every set.

Lastly you really need to start using the search function and reading on your own. ?'s like the rest period can be answered easy enough by educating your self.