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Newbie Beware Questions???


I am on TRT yes I know there is a section for it. haha. Quick background. Never used illigal drugs or AAS before. 45 years old with a testosterone level of 88 yes 88 and LH of less than .5 . Lots of tests done including CT scan of pituitary. All is good.

Why does everone say you need to be lean before doing a cycle. I ask because I am fat and low muscle tone from low test. Didnt know this was what was wrong for several years. You know the deal family Doc says lose weight heres some viagra for your symtoms ect. I want to do a cycle to gain some Muscle mass while losing weight. Ive lost 25 already 6'1" 270 now. I have all the Test cyp I need watson. CVS caremark is crazy I swear I get three 10ml vials every 3 months. Im on 1cc every two weeks. The vials say throw away after 28 days on the blue script but dont expire for 2 years. Called local cvs and they said dont worry it is just for insurance reasons. what I have test cyp from doctor-- winstrol, adex, provarion from other.

With so low test levels from what may have been an injury according to doc, 1cc I feel just gets me to a low normal level. Been on for 5 months. I feel 10 times better. If I take 1 cc a week I feel better than 1cc every two weeks.
Wouldnt it be better to gain some muscle to help lose and keep weight off? Ill be on trt forever according to endo. Sorry so long and thanks


Oh and I also have clen. Been on blood press meds but last time I went to endo he started pulling me off meds because blood press was low. Diet is spot on but low on the calories high on protien from lean steak, eggs, and whey shakes. Very low carbs most of the time. and about the only thing I drink 95 % is water.


First off. With regards to your TRT. You should be injecting the test twice a week. 50mg on monday and thursday for example.

My opinion about upping the dose and throwing in the orals. Wait. Youve only been on TRT for 5 months. Plenty of progress can be made on the TRT alone.

But you are a 45 year old man, so if you want to run a cycle, who's going to stop you? I still think you are far to overweight to NEED supraphysiological doses to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. You should be able to do that just fine by dialing in the trt.

You should really check out the TRT forum in more detail. Youve made no mention of an AI for estrogen control. ANd the fact that youre injecting twice a month instead of twice a week is not a good sign. It does make a huge difference.


Yes I have adex and provarion. Thanks for your reply. I will do the injections more often but less now .5 cc . I was thinking of going up a little on the test because my body makes none and the 1cc would just put me back normal. Like .5 cc twice a week would be double what I take now 1cc every two weeks. My endo always asks how I feel and If I have any signs of Gyno so I know he would give me an AI when needed. I did get some from a online place. I will say something to him next time and get some from cvs thru my insurance.




My endo said HCG wouldnt help me because of the type of hypogodanism sp I have. He tested alot of other stuff I just dont have a copy of it. Not trying to get into my whole health history. He said hemacrit was a little high but blamed that on sleep apnea. I am now on cpap and as stated above I am losing weight and BP is way down. Endo kind of blames a lot of the probelms on low test including weight gain which causes sleep apnea that causes high BP. All of it is turning around.

Why I am asking on this forum is my muscle tone is gone and I guess I was thinking it would come back on a little higher dose of test. Also got provarioin for winn for muscle gain but a cutting type cycle. So far as for sides since starting are none. not a zit no hair loss nothing. Good sides are way better mood and wife and I are happy too. :slightly_smiling: