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Newbie, Basic Compound Program?


hey ive recently joined this site, and although ive been training on and off for around 2 years, i am nowhere near where i set out to be when i began training, which i feel maybe a result of my training.

im 6"2, around 190lbs with a bit of excess fat around the middle

during my training time i have dabbled in a range of programs but am wondering if it would be best to go to a basic compound programe in order to pack some mass on my frame before i do all the "pretty boy" movements


continued from above..

also how many days a week would be suitable for someone like me who has a hard time gaining lean muscle mass as well as general mass

with what exercises, rep ranges and no. of sets should i complete my workouts with also


Sure, we'll detail everything for you, it's not like there are 800 different routines in the articles on this site that would all work if you just put in some goddamn effort.

Seriously, go find something and do it.

Scan through the articles til you find the routines, find one you like and put your everything into it, then when you've got some serious training under your belt you can start monkeying around with it.


well considering it is a forum i was under the impression that people could and would help others


..you sarcastic ****



read that ^


Fuck, you can say fuck here.

Secondly, you are too busy getting offended to actually listen to the good advice he was giving you.

Your post screams of a lack of effort.

Fact is, I can take a kid with big balls, put him on any routine that isn't 100% retarded and he will make more progress than a pussy on the "perfect" program.

So, it doesn't matter what routine you do, if you don't bust your ass.


You guys are fucking assholes.


Are they? Or is the asshole the kid who comes on and asks for a handout when the exact same question has been asked and answered on every single page of this forum section and then gets mad that he won't be spoonfed? A simple search of 'best beginner program' would have answered his question ten times over.


Problem is : so many programmes--for a beginner , and i am only 1 step ahead, is or can be deciding what to do from everything that is out there--and on here.

Ok so it's been asked before but i say "no such thing as a dumb question" even if it has been asked before.

So where to go (from one newb to another) :

Keep it simple (few exercises)
keep it big --big compound movements
Do the work

Repeat for the whole of the rest of this year at least.

Have a real good look at the site.---it is all here....somewhere....


See. You've already helped yourself out here.

Just do this as written: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/do_this_routine_instead_of_that_dumb_one


I just made a program for my roommate focusing on the big compound lifts. Of course this is specific for my roommate and what he can and cannot do and his goals. But sure why not - have at it since it was already typed up on my digital stickypad anyways:

Main Lifts A:
Squat 1 x 20
Bench Press 5x5
Bent Over Rows 5x5
Incline Press 5x5
Deadlifts 5x5
Shoulder Press 5x5
Heavy Ab Work

Accessory Work:
CGBP 5x5
Good Mornings 5x5
Lat Raises 3x8
Hammer Curls 5x5
Hammies 3x8
Pinwheel Curls 5x5
Pushup Superset [10 regular, 10 diamond] x 3

Main Lifts A:
Squat 1 x 20
Shoulder Press 5x5
Deadlifts 5x5
Incline Press 5x5
Bent Over Rows 5x5
Bench Press 5x5
Heavy Ab Work


Wow endersdrift is that like an ABA kinda split? I would be cream crackered (knackered lol) after one of those sessions.


Have you tried Starting Strength? That's about as simple as it gets.


Well its complicated as to why I designed it how I did and a lot of it is not so much strength issues but the mental aspect. I'm trying to get him to stick with this for about 2-3 months while eating enough to put on some real weight and then I told him he'll have to decide what sort of training he wants to do as far as a more bodybuilding style training, powerlifting or gpp. So far he's making slow gains on all of his lifts and has put on about 12 lbs [its been 3 weeks].

Now I just wish I could beat it into his head how to refer to the weights. Every time I ask him how much he did on ____ exercise he tell's me something like "30 lbs". And then I have to try and figure out if he means 30 lbs total, 30 lbs on each side, or 30 lbs + the bar. And its not always the same! I've told him multiple times to add up all the weight including the 45 lb bar and tell me the damn total but so far he hasn't learned.


done a bit of reading around, spoken to a few mates who have bulked up with similar body composition to me and got what they did, whats your guys thought on maybe a 4 day a week split, just finished uni, so im bascially a bum, so ill have plenty of sleep,rest, EAT!!!,recovery time in order to pack on some mass.

bracketed weights are what im doing at the moment (kg), no weight = dont know

day 1.
chest and triceps - incline d bell press 5x5 (42)
decline d-bell press 4x6-8 (34)
floor press b-bell 4 x6-8 (65)
cable flyes 4x8-12

                tricep rope extensions 3x8-10
                deadstop skullcrushers 3x8-12 
                pronated kickbacks 3x8-12

day 2.
legs - squat 5x5 (90)
glute-ham raises 4x??
leg press (drop set)
some calf work

day 3.

shoulders - shrugs 3x10 (50)
d bell/military/push press 5x5
6 ups - 3xamap
rear delt flyes 3x12
facepulls 3x8
rotator cuff work to finish

day 4.

back and biceps (focusing on isometric hold) - deadlift 5x5 (100)
wide grip pullups 3 x bw x as many as poss
bent over b-bell row 3x6-8 (70)
superset - lat pulldown/straight arm pulldown 3x10
seated row - 3x10

                                           superset pinwheel curls x hammer curls 3x8
                                           incline bench d-bell curls 3x 12

an example would be:
day 1:sunday
day 2: tuesday
day 3: wesnday
day 4: friday


I dont know what 6-up is but otherwise it looks pretty good. Only things that really stick out to me are:

  1. Do Military Press first on shoulder day not shrugs.

  2. Maybe swap one of the many pulling exercises you have (facepulls, pullups, bb rows, lat pulldowns, seated rows) for some lower back work like reverse hypers, good mornings, or stiff leg deadlifts.

  3. Unless you mean both DBs added together = 42 I find it really strange that you can incline bench not only more than you decline bench but almost as much as you squat or even deadlift.


i find that doing shrugs first kinda stablises my shoulder and allows my press to increase.

yee sounds like a good suggestion. il definatley get some stiff legs and hypers in there.

nope lol, as crazy as it sounds. decline d-bell is harder than incline d-bell from what i understand though due to a greater rom, my decline BENCH is much higher than by incline Bench. and as for the pressing more than squatting and near deadlift, i reaaly struggle to squat with much weight, i think its a mixture of my height, lack of flexbility and my dodgy knees.


oh and 6 ups, red about them in a john meadows article, theyre killers, basicaaly a lateral raise, then bring to the front, then raise above head, then go back "down" through the same process, absolute killers!


this's beginner forum - people are asking stupid question, people with stoic nature gives them answers and life goes on. If you don't like the way it works - stop fucking here and go somewhere else.