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Newbie Athlete Looking for Advice on Diet

Hey guys,

Long time lurker. I have some questions. 33yrld. Im looking to start a new diet to build up my strength and take advantage of the time off from my sport, which is soccer. The story goes as follows. 2 years after a few dislocated shoulders, surgery commenced in May. Currently the doctor has put me on TRT at 100MG/wk and 1IU Omnitrope a day. Its been helping the recovery process.

I came up with a bout of Tendonosis in both knees while rehabbing the shoulder for the past year, so I am currently working with ART to get the knees resolved(which is slowly working). The ART is also a zHealth Master and former BBer, so we are strength training the Glutes and Hamstrings to off set the quad balance. I also need to build the strength in my shoulder back up, so we are currently doing ART with exercises building up over the next 1-2 Months for a full recovery.

So now that you know my story. Im at about 175, 10-10.5% BF and I am looking to put weight on my Legs, but take weight off my waist. I started leangains and here are my numbers. Workout days, 6 days a week. 210G, 300C, 60F. Off Days, 210G, 50C, 60F. Ideally I want to have my BF around 6-8% when I get back to playing professional in 2-4 months.

Am I doing this right to gain muscle and lose weight? Should I only be worried about gaining muscle and worry about the weight loss when I start cardio back up? Ive never actually done a full diet before as an athlete, the weight just fell off. I need to be as strong as possible come January for our combine. I would like to have the 6 pack abs since I gained so much fat from the surgery these past 3 months. Cut, Bulk, or Recomp?

I appreciate all the info and replies in advance.

Check out DeFranco training for athletes.

Also check out my training log. I play soccer too. Although the log tells the trials and tribulations of theBird in-season.


If sport strength is your goal then Defrancos i.e. Westside Barbell is a good option as mentioned above. I would say that one of the issues with Westside barbell is the specialist equipment. I’m not saying you can’t do it without it or substitute with other things, but to me that’s not really following the plan.

Not many gyms have prowlers/sleds, olympic lifting platform, heavy duty chains, 100 version of squatting bars etc…

If you train at a more commercial gym where specialist equipment is limited then 5/3/1 is a good tool for gaining strength. Although not the pretties reading my stats went from:to on

Deadlift 198:396
Squat 121:275
Bench 99:192 (I play cricket, a predominately throwing sport, therefore have to be careful on bench)

This was over a matter of 4 months, approx 4 cycles of 5/3/1. I currently stand at 178lb and 12% - so not too dissimilar.

There is no reason you cannot do 5/3/1 with some rehab work. Just jig around your schedule.

Whether you choose to Cut/Bulk/Recomp is determined more by how you eat. There are a lot of new/improved diets out there, take a look at what you fancy: IF/Carb-backloading/Carb Nite/Paelo/Anabolic Diet or just eat lots but clean.

good luck.

6-8% BF is hard to maintain even for an althlete in-season. I would worry more about gaining strength now, as trying to get six-pack abs at this point, without any real muscle to begin with, will only make you weaker and more frustrated. Focus on eating enough calories to grow, and get on a program that emphasises strength and explosive power. The fat will come off once you start playing.

Thanks Bird. Im going to check out the facility 25 miles from me. I was doing training at some facility’s for athletes that had nike sparq here.

As for weight, I think I do need to get strong. So per diet, what is the best way to go with leangains? Lean Mass? -10/+20? Im 175 now, and Id like to play at 165-168 but be incredibly strong as a forward. Speed and strength are key.

I dont think I have a westside barbell in my area…

Eating 2800 calories yesterday, and I lost .8lbs in the morning. What a weird feeling. I was full all day in that 8 hours yesterday, I couldnt eat anymore!